It’s the race that stops the nation and the 2017 Melbourne Cup was a busy day for us at Adept Photo Booths in Perth.

It was the first event for our Vintage Photo Booth which was fresh out of the box and onto the balcony of The Left Bank for their annual Melbourne Cup function.

Our new Vintage Photo Booth is the pride of our range and paired with one of our Perth Flower Walls, is simply beautiful (even if we do say so our selves!).


This was the second year that we have celebrated the Melbourne Cup with The Left Bank who always put on a great party for both the general public downstairs and their ticketed cocktail function upstairs.

2017 saw us up the photobooth anti at the Left Bank providing an open photo booth downstairs as well as Gif Booth and open photo booth combo upstairs with our popular Subtle Pink Flower Wall providing a stunning backdrop.

The Gif Booth always comes complemented with our social sharing station allowing guests to email themselves their photos, GIF’s and Boomerang GIF’s live from the event. we can even tailor the message that the guests receive to encourage them to use event or corporate hashtags.

The other benefit to providing a social sharing station is the access to guests data who opt in to receive marketing material when they send themselves their images. It a never ceases to amaze me that people will line up to pass on their information if they are given the right motivation.

We were also at another Melbourne Cup event with a twist – every one there was dresses as a super hero! Zenith Insurance went for our accessible photo booth which allows the booth to instantly switch from standing mode to become suitable for children or guests in Wheelchairs.

We have done a number of jobs for charities such as Mosaic, Therapy Focus, and now Zenith Insurance as our accessible photo booth provides a level of seamless inclusion that other photo booth companies simply cannot match.

To learn more about out vintage photobooth and Perth Flower Wall range, give us a call today. We have a perfect photobooth/flowerwall combination to suit your event whether it be a wedding, engagement party, birthday or day at the races.