If you are an Event Manager or Executive Assistant in charge of your work Christmas party, you will know the pressure to throw a better Christmas party than the previous year. Expectations are high and it is often your goal to achieve this feet with less budget to work with.

When searching for Corporate Christmas party Ideas, photo booths are the top of many peoples list, and for good reason. If guests are in the Photo Booth they aren’t running up the bar tab and will be having a great time creating memories with their colleagues.

If you have had a Photo Booth at your work Christmas party for a couple of years now you may be looking to mix things up a bit. Here are our top five ideas to liven up your Christmas Photo Booth this year:

1. Snow Globe GIF Booth

The good old snow globe is an iconic piece of memorabilia of the Northern Hemisphere winter wonderland theme and synonymous with a ‘traditional’ Christmas. So rather than the same old photo experience, why not put your guests in a fun digital experience that we like to call the Snow Globe GIF Booth?

The concept is simple, we create an animated overlay of a snow globe with a Christmas theme, your guests jump into one of our Ring Light GIF Booths and create the illusion that they are in a Christmas themed Snow Globe blizzard.  This activation lets your guests show some personality with a short video file that they can share on Social Media.

2. Roaming Photo Booth

Most corporate Christmas parties that we attend are either cocktail style or buffet with standing a socialising forming a large part of the festivities. If the photo booth is in a fixed location some guests may not know that it is even there without being prompted.

With a Roaming Photo Booth, our friendly booth host takes the photo booth right up to the guests to ask if they want a photo. This is a perfect way to capture groups of people with minimal disruption to the event and delivering maximum impact. Our Roaming Photo Booth allow guests to receive a link via SMS or email straight to their phones from the booth. this SMS or email then takes them to a dedicated microsite where your guests can then download and share their photo.

Being a compact photo booth, Roaming Photo Booth hire is available for as little as one hour making it a perfect option for short Christmas drinks or sundowner style events or to add a bit o fun for a small portion of the event such as arrival or on the dance floor at the end of the night for example.

3. #Elfie Station

What is an #Elfie? I’m glad you asked!

Inspired by the virtual ‘Elf Yourself’ digital Christmas Card, the #Elfie Activation lets the user create a dancing GIF of their head on top of an elf’s body. No editing is required for this activation which produces a digital mp4 video output in seconds. Printing options are available to go with the animations which make for great personalised Christmas Cards!

This activation is a lot of fun and create hilarious videos that can be shared to a big screen at your event or to social media after the user sends themselves a copy via SMS or email live from the event. checkout the below example from an event with our friends at Known Associates Events.

4. Digital Props

Christmas in Australia is hot and sweaty. So as soon as you add some dancing, food and a few drinks to the mix, your guests will likely be sporting a festive glow. Whilst everyone may want to get into the Christmas spirit and put on a Santa hat and beard, they may not want to share the sweat and smudged makeup that an Australian Christmas can often bring. Eww.

Well, we have the perfect solution for you with a wide selection of digital props. All of your festive favourites are available include Santa’s beard, elves ears, Rudoph’s red nose and antlers, and even a grinch mask. It is a lot of fun to try on the digital props with a live preview screen which adds to the whole photo booth experience.

5. 360 Photo Booth

If impact is what you are after, then it is hard to go past the 360 Photo Booth which is brand new to our Perth Photo Booth hire fleet. Simply stand on a podium, throw some festive confetti, and a camera circles around you to capture one to three people in a 360 slow motion video. This video is then processes with music and branding of your choice before your guests can email the mp4 video to them selves right from the 360 photo booth to their phone.

So there you have it. 5 ways to lift your Christmas Photo Booth Experience this year. if you like the sound of any of the above ideas, all you need to do now is shoot us a note at hello@adeptphotobooths.com.au to see if we have your date available. We look forward to hearing from you and providing an obligation free quote.