One of the main question that we get asked as a Perth wedding photo booth supplier is where the photobooth should be placed at a wedding. Whilst there is no right or wrong answer, here are a few tips to consider based on our experience in providing wedding photo booth Perth to find out the perfect fit for your wedding.

Near the Entrance
At nearly every wedding we have been to, guests arrive before the bridal party. Sometimes this is only a short time, however it can be up to an hour or more whilst photos are taken after the ceremony. If you find yourself worrying about what guests will do before the bridal party arrive – a wedding photobooth may be the answer. Placing your wedding photobooth near the entrance can be a great way to keep your guests entertained and provide an excellent ice breaker on their arrival at your wedding reception. Our friendly and energetic staff will engage your guests to use the photo booth and once the first guests have been through – you won’t be able to stop them from coming back!

On arrival can also a great time to get the Guest Book started as people have time to put some thought into leaving a personal message. As the night wears on and the champagne flows, the wedding photo booth Perth pictures may get better, but the messages generally don’t!

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Out on the Balcony
One option is to place the Perth photo booth outside of the main wedding space, if space is tight. A balcony or breakout area maybe adequate, however please ensure that your MC is briefed to regularly tell people about the wedding photo booth so that guests are reminded that it is there.

It is important to ensure that there is consistent lighting where ever the photobooth is located. The darker the lighting the better, as the professional photo booth lighting will then be able to work its magic. The Perth photo booth lighting will also attract guests to the photo booth, forming a great focal point to produce glamorous shots.

If placing the wedding photo booth outside, please be conscious of the elements. Wind and rain will not only cause havoc with the guest’s hair and dresses, but the equipment itself will be at risk so adequate protection from the elements is essential.


In The Corner Of The Room
For a shy crowd, you may like to consider the Perth photobooth being placed in a corner of a room. If it is important for you to gather personal messages for the Guest Book, then this could be an ideal option. if the wedding photo booth is primarily to entertain children, then this may also be a suitable option.

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We recommend telling your Perth wedding photo booth provider if entertaining children is your focus as the ability to raise and lower the camera is critical when switching between children and adults in the booth. Our wedding photo booth can be adjusted easily to suit adults or children, we also like to know beforehand so we can provide the right staff and props to suit the audience.

Near The Dance Floor
After all the formalities and speeches are over, having your wedding photobooth or a Gif Booth near the dance floor to really get the party started. You may have guests that don’t like to dance (every wedding has at least one), if the photo booth is near the dance floor this is the best chance to get them on their feet – then it’s up to you to drag them onto the dance floor!

Putting your wedding photo booth near the dance floor is a great way for guests to mingle and get all of them in one area. We find that the wedding photobooth will often captures some of the most memorable moments of the night when placed near the dance floor.

Why not ask about Gif Booth and video messaging functionality to encourage a bit of ‘karaoke Cam’ or ‘Dance Cam’ action!

Where should I put the photo booth at my wedding - Perth Photobooth hire

Getting the Best Wedding Photo Booth Perth Experience
As a leading Perth wedding photobooth supplier, we are more than happy to assist in talking through the best location for a photo booth or Gif Booth at your wedding. Wherever you put the wedding photo booth, Adept photo booths will make sure that we leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

Our Perth photo booth hosts are customer service focused and know how to engage the guests which sets us apart from our competition. If your MC informs the guests where the booth is and sends them our way, we will take care of the rest by encourage them to take some snaps and leaving a message in the Guest Book.

A properly maintained Guest Book is an underrated feature of the whole Perth wedding photobooth experience as it will be a special treasure keeping the memories from your special day alive for years to come.

So check out our wedding packages here or drop us a line at to start the conversation about your perfect wedding photo booth experience.