After a successful GIF Booth activation with Escape Travel and Coast FM, Secret Harbour Square Shopping Centre were interested to see what we could deliver for them in the holiday season.

As they soon discovered, corporate photo booth activation is what we do best, as we were able to provide a number of creative options to suit any budget.

In the end, Secret Harbour Square went for two Saturday activations leading into Christmas with our accessible photobooth and GIF Booth combination in front of our red Ugly Sweater background.

The objective was to provide a free photo to shoppers and add a bit of colour in a high traffic area near Coles.

The Power of a ‘Free’ Photo Booth

There isn’t much in this world that you get for free any more. Which is why the simple act of giving has such an impact on people’s lives over the Christmas period.

Our staff actively engaged the shoppers to let them know that the activation was free which was often met with scepticism, however once they received their photo strip and email the GIF and images to themselves the level of excitement and gratitude was evident.

Staff interaction with clients is a large part of what makes us the leading Perth photo booth hire company to work with in the corporate space. Our friendly and professional team go out of their way to make customers feel comfortable in front of the camera and get into the spirit of the activation.

Data is King in the Retail World

With many corporate Perth GIF Booth activations, data capture is a key part of the motivation in providing the activation.

To achieve this we have an iPad kiosk available with the photobooth equipped with industry leading sharing software that allows users to email them selves both GIF’s and photos in real time.

At the end of each activation, we provide a report that outlines the number of sessions and shares as well as impressions and reach of the campaign.

‘Sessions’ are the number of groups through the photo booth with ‘shares’ being the number of times a photo was emailed. If you would like some background as to the methodology for calculating the estimated ‘impressions’ and ‘reach’ figures are calculated you can read more here.

The iPad Kiosk also provides opt in functionality so that users can subscribe to your database by providing their email addresses as part of the process of sending themselves their photos and GIF’s.

Props and backdrops suited to your Christmas GIF Booth

Props are always popular with any Christmas Photo Booth activation ranging from a simply Santa hat through to novelty items such as ‘humbug’ and reindeer items.

We like to provide a selection of festive props however our backdrops are what set us apart from any other Perth photo booth hire company.

We have a selection of festive background options with our ‘Ugly Sweater’ range being by far the most popular. For a more serious or classic option you can choose some festive silver and gold designs or a plain white to let the people and props stand out in the photos.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with your next activation?

Any corporate activation we embark on starts with a conversation to determine your objective.

For Adept Photo Booth Perth, out equipment are simply the tools to achieve your desired outcome so we will aim to develop a brief together before providing a number available of solutions.

So drop us a line to start a conversation today and see what value Adept Photo Booth Perth can add to your next corporate activation.