With the increasing popularity of 360 Video Booths, we’ve decided to extend our offerings and bring you a range of new, exciting and immersive video experiences.

Our corporate clients have had the pleasure of experiencing some of these cutting-edge technologies for some time, including:

  • Vogue Booth
  • Face Morphing
  • 360 Video Booth
  • Slow Motion Booth
  • Video FX
  • Video Messages
  • Roaming Video Booth

To give you an idea of how our high-end video booths can benefit your event, see their features below.



The Vogue Booth offers a unique blend of fashion and music, allowing users to create visually striking video content in a neon-lit setting. Accompanied by custom music, branded overlays, and an end frame, this effect is perfect for creating unique and memorable video content.

This premium GLAM Bot booth is the perfect addition to any upscale event or activation, seamlessly fitting in with any theme.

Our Vogue Booth offers the flexibility to change the lighting colours and patterns, making it the ideal option for sporting clubs and music events. This allows users to create rockstar-themed content in the colours of their favorite artists or sports teams. Whether you want to capture the energy of a live concert or the spirit of a sports team, the Vogue Booth is the perfect choice for creating unique and memorable video content.




Part optical illusion, part technical wizardry, Face Morphing takes two images and seamlessly merges them together to create a boomerang style transition between the two.

Face morphing video technology is quite flexible and a great way to be creative and memorable with creative effects that can turn you, your friend or family member into a cartoon character, animal, famous personality or mystical creature.

With seamless special effects and flawless transitions, Face morphing is a highly shareable video experience that will attract many people at your next event.



The 360 Photo Booth has been a staple in our video experience offerings for quite some time, and we have been continually perfecting it over the past three years.

Adept Photo Booths is at the forefront of 360 innovation, and our 360 Photo Booth is perfect for any event, whether it be a Green Screen, social occasion, gala ball or sporting event. We have been leading the charge in 360 technology, providing an immersive and unique experience for our clients.

Our latest innovation is the overhead 360 Booth, which eliminates the need for a platform, making it accessible for large groups of people and those with mobility challenges. This allows us to effortlessly accommodate wheelchairs, making the experience inclusive for all.

We are committed to providing inclusive experiences for all, and as such, we are proud to offer accessible options for all our photo booth offerings. Ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the fun of a photo booth is important to us.




Looking to add some fun at your event? Our slow motion video booth is a great way to get everyone involved!

Our slow motion video experience allows you to use a range of fun elements and special effects such as bubbles, confetti, wind or smoke for added visual interest.

Add a level of creativity with your video using props like hats, signs, wigs or provide dance prompts for guests to act out in their videos such as jumping, dancing or spinning, providing dynamic and engaging footage.







The Video Slider, also known as the GIF Slider, offers a compact yet powerful experience by creating 3D video content using the technique of bullet time photography. This technology provides an immersive and visually striking effect, making it perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Our Video Slider uses studio lighting and a sliding camera arc to create a 3-dimensional effect, making it stand out in social media feeds.

Seeing is believing, the Video Slider creates a truly unique that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.



The impact of personal messages cannot be understated, and it is particularly effective for special occasions such as weddings, client testimonials and milestone celebrations. This powerful tool allows individuals and organisations to create unique and meaningful content that can be shared and cherished for years.

Video messaging allows people to record a video message from their own phone and combine them together in an edited video for sharing with a loved one.

You can record a congratulatory message for a newlywed couple or a happy birthday video for your best friend. See some more examples here:



The Roaming Photo Booth is a versatile option that allows you to take the photo experience directly to your patrons, wherever they may be. The flexibility of this feature has been a major benefit to our clients for years and it has helped them to make their events more engaging and memorable.

This unique video experience, with AI background removal, is perfect for capturing candid moments, creating interactive experiences and promoting your brand. It’s a great way to drive engagement and create a buzz around your event.

Become the star of your own TV commercial with custom overlays, end frames, and music tracks. This feature allows you to tailor the experience to your brand, creating a powerful connection with your audience.

The Roaming Photo Booth is particularly useful in venues where patrons have high dwell time, such as concession queues. This allows us to actively approach patrons in these areas and maximise reach, rather than waiting for them to come to us.







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