At Adept Photo Booths Perth, we are committed to delivering the best customer service in the industry and we are looking to recruit talent for the upcoming Silly Season which heats up from September.

As a photobooth host it is your job to make our clients smile and walk away from the booth having a great experience.

We give you the tools to make this possible, however it is the you, the photobooth host, that set us apart from our competition and keep clients coming back. Our 5 star reviews are not about our equipment, they are the personal interactions and creating lifetime memories that give Adept Photo Booths our edge.

Being a photo booth host can be a lot of fun and cool way to earn some extra cash if you have the below attributes:

  1. Friendly, outgoing, solutions focused individuals that can remain calm under pressure.
  2. Knowledge or interest in photography, technology or event management (desirable but not essential if you hit #1 out of the ballpark)
  3. If you have a thirst for knowledge and hunger to better yourself every day we will get on great : )



Basically, we need our talent to be a good host at the photo booth. Like a host at any event, this means ensuring that all of the guests have a good time, don’t break things and most importantly that the client leaves the event happy with their photo booth experience.

It is a photo booth hosts job to know what the client wants before they do and be the ‘hostess with the mostest’.

We offer photo experiences over and above your standard Perth photo booth hire. Check out some of our photo experiences including our 360 Photo BoothRoaming Photo BoothVintage Photo Booth and GIF Booths.

If the above sounds like you, we have made it even easier for you to deliver the above by following the below simple steps:



If you make eye contact with someone, smile and say ‘hi’, maybe even ask them if they want a photo in the photo booth, offer them a prop to use or if ask them if they enjoyed their entree? A busy booth is a happy booth and a happy booth means a happy client.



Keep your head up and initiative eye contact (once you make eye contact see your first task above under ‘Smile’).

To make eye contact with an actual human, it means that you cannot be looking at your phone (Warning: this role is not suitable for anyone who cannot function for 1 hour, 2 hours or maybe even 5 hours without looking at their phone).

Chat to people, recommend a prop that suits their outfit and compliment guests (without being creepy!).

As a photobooth host you will be required to read the situation, if the time feels right to have people in the photo booth then find people to make it busy. Ask a nearby table or group if they would like a photo to get the party started. If speeches are happening maybe shut down the flash and printer so that we don’t interrupt proceedings? This sort of thing takes initiative, we’d love it if you had some.



We will provide all the training required however you will be expected to turn on a computer and open an app. You will also be required to work a DSLR Camera, printer and have a basic understanding of what a good photo looks like.

If you have an interest in photography you will have a massive advantage in this business and it may offer you more opportunities for additional work if you can bring this skill to the role.



Anyone who hires Adept Photo Booths whether it is a corporate photo booth, wedding photo booth or birthday photo booth, come to us with high expectations. These high expectation are a result of the reputation we have built in the industry.

Attention to detail is important. You are the custodian of the clients experience so we want you to take pride in the little things such as your appearance, keeping all props neat on the table, checking photo output regularly to ensure that the lighting is perfect, encouraging and helping guests to fill in the guest book and actively making sure that everyone is having a great experience.

We are in a privileged position for clients to trust us with their companies reputation and personal milestones. We never lose sight of the impact we can have in making the best day of someone’s life even more special.

For full transparency, the following behaviours are not acceptable when you represent Adept Photo Booths:

  1. Sitting down when the booth is operating.
  2. Being on your phone when the booth is operating or you are in view of guests.
  3. Being late (if you are not early, you are late).

If you feel that the above criteria are unreasonable or not something that you would be prepared to live up to, then I would encourage you to apply for a job with one of our competitors : )

However if you have read this far and want to learn more about becoming an Adept Photo Booths Team Member, please send is a note and your resume to

we’ll give you further instructions from there.