Celebrate the latest in event technology with Adept Photo Booths’ groundbreaking GLAMbot. The robotic arm captures the subject from every angle as they pose in front of the camera. Slow-motion technology creates a cinematic effect, making your event attendees feel like movie stars. Slow and speed up the clip in different sections to emphasise certain movements, to capture the perfect moment of your guests!

With precision technology, the GLAMbot captures your subject in crisp, high-quality detail with vibrant colours. Afterwards, you can upload videos individually to spotlight your attendees or create a video collage that delights your audience. Record your event from every angle so that you never miss a moment.

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When celebrities attend red carpet events, they take slow-motion pictures of themselves posing in front of the camera. These clips go viral on social media, astounding viewers who crave that glamourous Hollywood lifestyle. The GLAMbot turns any event into a dazzling experience that makes attendees feel like royalty.

Our GLAMbot delights visitors at weddings, graduations, corporate events, birthday parties, conferences, balls, product launches and other celebrations. Your attendees can pose in front of traditional photo booths for professional shots, then stand in front of the GLAMbot to spin around, swirl their skirts, blow a kiss and flirt with the camera.

The robotic arm captures the subject from different angles, making them feel like a movie star surrounded by cameras. Afterwards, you’ll have stunning clips to share on social media. Corporate clients can show their audiences how they make their events formal but fun. Your attendees also have videos to share on their profiles, expanding your organisations reach.


The GLAMbot represents the latest advancement in videography. Our GLAMbot looks advanced, but anyone can learn how to use this impressive tool. When you work with us, we’ll assign a host or hostess who guides you through usage, setup and removal. We’ll also show you how to preserve your videos and add special effects.

Still considering your options? Here’s what the GLAMbot brings to your event:

  • Stunning HD footage that captures videos in minute detail clips with smooth transitions like movie scenes
  • A glamourous atmosphere that turns conferences into exclusive social events
  • An opportunity for attendees to witness groundbreaking technology
  • Fun ways for your guests to show off their personalities. Crisp, elegant videos that you can share on social media. Customised settings tailored to your needs
  • Another place to showcase your branding

When the event ends, your guests won’t stop talking about your high-tech photo booth.


The GLAMbot is a camera attached to a robotic arm that can move and rotate at every angle, not just a straight line. When installed, the robotic arm sits on a platform so that it captures full-body shots. Your guests can rotate at a 180- or 360-degree angle and flash a variety of poses. The camera’s field is wide enough to fit multiple people in the frame.

Once you’ve set up your GLAMbot, set the mood with your favourite props and accessories.

Your attendees can also use props and masks as they would for a regular photo shoot. Make it funny with fake moustaches, plastic flamingos and oversized sunglasses. Or, keep it classy with their dazzling outfits, and clink the champagne glasses!


After working in the events industry for over a decade, Colin Richardson founded Adept Photo Booths in 2016. Customers in Western Australia, Melbourne and other regions hire Adept Photo Booths for various events, such as graduations, weddings, birthdays and corporate gatherings. Our business services help companies market themselves during their event.

Our services include open, accessible, virtual, vintage, 360 and roaming photo booths, plus the GLAMbot, mosaic photo walls, mirror booths, GIF booths and face morphing. We also provide green screens and permanent photo booth installations. Reach out today to learn how our services make your events more fun and marketable.


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