At Adept Photo Booths we are passionate about providing a seamless transition from a traditional photo booth to an Accessible Photo Booth.

This is why we offer a range of Accessible Photo Booth options designed to provide an inclusive experience for people of all abilities, whether it be in wheel chairs or with varied sensory needs.

Trusted by many leading charities and not-for-profit we have worked with companies such as Therapy Focus, Mosaic, Melville Cares, Communicare and Nulsen Group as well as many families to help celebrate special events to include loved ones with special needs.

Our inclusive range include our Accessible Photo Booth, Roaming Photo Booth and Gif Booth range. Red more below about the featured included that make us the leaders in providing Accessible Photo Booths in Perth.

Accessible Photo Booth - Adept Photo Booths

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Here at Adept Photo Booths, we pride ourselves on offering the most inclusive photo booths in Perth. Make sure that you inform us about your accessible needs and we will provide the most appropriate solution for you.


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You can hire the photo booth of your choice (depends on availability). Our most popular inclusive photo booth options include our Accessible Photo Booth, GIF Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth or Roaming Photo Booth.


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Need constant lighting in stead of flash to ease sensory reactions? no problems. give us a call to chat about how we can help to provide the most inclusive photo booth experience possible.


Get Ready for the Event

Your photo booth will be delivered in time for your event. Set up takes less than 45 minutes and we will ensure that the set up suits all of the needs of your guests. Have fun!

Accessible Photo Booths - Adept Photo Booths


Whilst many photo booth companies can tilt a camera, reconfigure their equipment or go out of their way to accommodate a guest in a wheelchair, there are none that can lower the whole photo experience instantly for your guest.

Our Accessible Photo Booth has a camera tilt mechanism as well as a hydraulic style lowering system that can drop the height of the booth instantly as part of its functionality.

Perfect for events with children, guests in wheel chairs and other height differences between your attendees, the Accessible Photo Booth is the industry leader if providing an inclusive photo experience for your event.


If your event has some guests that are less mobile, or perhaps are less inclined to move from their seats, the Roaming Photo Booth lets us take the photo experience right to them.

your friendly Photo Booth host will approach guests to ask if the want a photo and can then position the booth in the right position to take a GIF, Boomerang or photo.

The Roamer option suits a shy crowd or venues that may present obstacles such as stairs to keep your event as inclusive as possible.

Visit this link to learn more about our Roaming Photo Booth.


Our Gif Booths offer an extremely flexible stand that allow the height of the booth to be raised and lowered in a split second.

With a static ring light, this particular booth is perfect for guests that may have an adverse reaction or be distressed from flash photography. 

Function of this ring light is matched by the beauty of the ring light that offers the latest in photo booth technology.

GIF Booths offer immediate delivery via SMS or email for sharing online or can have prints added to take the digital experience to anther level.


Let us know what needs your guests have at you upcoming event and we will be more than happy to make some inclusive suggestions.

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