The Mosaic Photo Wall is a perfect activation to promote a theme of unity, inclusiveness and coming together.

This particular photo experience works by bringing a number of photos together to display in one large image. It works just like a jigsaw puzzle where each individual photo is one piece that contributes to a larger puzzle.

The individual photos can be gathered in a number of ways. Event attendees can produce their own content via a virtual photo booth that allows the Photo Mosaic software to gather the images and input them into the algorithm of the photo distribution. You can also team up the Photo Mosaic Wall with one of our photo booths or photographers, depending on what best suits your event.

The real magic happens when the Photo Mosaic software gets hold of the photos and creates an animation of photos coming together to create a larger image.

This activation can be likened to fans contributing a piece of a large themed or branded image promoting a cause that people want to be seen to associate with.

The Social Mosaic Wall works in both digital and print executions, depending on your event objectives. Keep reading to learn how you can best utilise each element of the Mosaic Photo Booth experience for your next event in Perth or Melbourne.

Mosiac Wall


To effectively leverage the Digital Photo Mosaic Wall you will need access to screens (preferably one or more big screens), where people can see their photos contributing to the larger images.

This activation conveys a message of ‘We are one’, or ‘I was there’, where event attendees are motivated to contribute to a larger cause and post their photo with the larger image.

Ideal for sports clubs, membership bases, causes or any collective, this activation will help you harness and drive passion about belonging to their chosen group. This photo activation is largely symbolic of people coming together, so there should be a collective reason that your Perth and Melbourne event attendees would want to be a part of the final image.

As photos are taken they feed to a big screen which is controlled by the Photo Mosaic software. The software allows you to determine the size, speed and animation of the larger image being created to fit your event needs perfectly. Give the live feed to your event presentation team and they can incorporate this in to any event via a Stadium Big Screen, banquet screens or smaller screens around a venue.

At the end of the event you will receive a digital copy of the mosaic that you can use in your marketing material, social media channels, website, or event print in large format for posters of building decals.


Adding printing to the Mosaic Photo Wall adds a whole new interactive element where event attendees get to physically stick their photo on a board to form the larger image.

Depending on your event set up and timings, you can choose the appropriate size of the board to be printed and then event attendees can have their photo taken in a photo booth to start the process. Step two is to print out a sticker of their photo that includes a code. This is matched to a code on the board to ensure that the stickers are placed in the right point to build the larger image.

The mosaic photo technology is sophisticated enough to know when photos need to be printed to fill up the Social Mosaic Wall, so we can automate the reprinting of photos or insert spare photos that you provide to ensure that we have a complete jigsaw puzzle by the end of the event.

With this execution you will still receive the large digital file at the end, like the digital version, which means that you can use if for the same purpose that we have listed above.

This particular activation is quite specific so we recommend getting in touch if you would like to chat about the best photo solution for your client’s event.


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