On Saturday the 7th of September 2019, the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the 2019 Alcoa Peel Business Excellence Awards at the Peel Convention Centre.

Approximately 400 people came together for the largest regional business recognition event in Western Australia. We were there as a proud sponsor showcasing several of our Perth and Mandurah Photo Booths including the debut of Perth’s first 360 Photo Booth, Roaming Photo Booth and Vintage Photo Booth.

It was great to see a wide range of business representing the Peel region.

As a leading Perth Photo Booth hire company and Peel Chamber of Commerce member, we took the opportunity to be part of the recognition and celebration of our fellow local businesses.

The evening started out with drinks in the reception area where guests were greeted by our Roaming Photo Booth. 

Our Roaming Photo Booths are the latest in Perth Photo Booth technology which allowed our Photo Booth Host Hayley to seamlessly integrate into the event. It was the perfect way to capture the excitement of the first half an hour of the event as people arrived and then entered and settled into the main reception area. The boomerang GIF was very popular, and people loved being able to SMS or email the images directly to themselves and share with their social media community.

Once everyone had entered the reception area, they were then greeted by our star attraction, our 360 Photo Booth. At first, people were a bit unsure of exactly what it was our how it worked but once a few people had a go it did not take long before everyone was lining up to get a first-hand experience before the formalities commenced.

Our 360 Photo Booth is brand new to the Mandurah Photo Booth Hire scene and we were super excited to be the first Perth Photo Booth Hire company to bring this experience to Perth and the Peel region. The 360 Photo Booth is an immersive video experience that allows up to four people to stand on a podium together while a 360 video is captured. Add in a bunch of confetti and it turns into a very cool experience. A stylised slow-motion video with music is then available for users to view via our sharing station and ready to be emailed and shared within about 10 seconds. With it being a tradition for the women to get frocked up and wear beautiful formal gowns to the Business Excellence Awards is was a great opportunity to show them off and capture all the angles.

Read about what Nic had to say about her 360 Photo Booth experience on the night:

“That was the first time we have seen that tonight, so we have been sitting here watching thinking what’s going on and what’s this about. We’ve gone up and given it go, it’s just amazing – you get this video emailed to your account. You have confetti and you all throw it up and you feel like a princess or part of some sort of red-carpet event. It’s just amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it and the idea they have this technology here in Mandurah is just brilliant, so thank you for bringing that to us it’s just fantastic.”

During the dinner break, our final Photo Booth was available to entertain the guests.  Our Vintage Photo Booth is a beautiful bespoke Open Photo Booth with a wooden frame with a vintage-style look. We teamed it up with our purple Flower Wall and Adept Photo Booths neon sign which really made the photos pop.

The Vintage Photo Booth is a very popular choice in our Mandurah Photo Booth range giving the guests a photo strip keepsake with three different photos and custom artwork. The guests loved the quirky props and the countdown timer to capture that perfect photo. As well as the photo strip print outs on the night the guests had access to an online digital gallery to download and share any images post event. The Vintage Photo Booths have flash photography to give those professional glamour shots.

“Adept Photo Booths did this amazing presentation for us. Their staff were fantastic, and they were there and had all these amazing props, it was fun, it was quirky. But what I loved the most was there was a count down, so for people like myself who have to keep the smile happening to get that great photo they had this count down so you knew when it was happening but you had three chances with these props to get this most amazing photo. They were efficient, they were fun and they kind of involved everybody. People started off a bit reserved and kind of didn’t want to get involved but as time went on you saw everyone get up and they were so comfortable with the process and they really made the night.”

Well done to Andrew and the team at the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. for organising a such a successful event and bringing the local Peel business community together and a big congratulations to the 2019 winners, finalists and runner ups!

We are super proud to be a leading Mandurah Photo Booth Hire company representing the Peel region with a wide range of Open Photo Booths and we can’t wait to attend again next year!

Check out some of the photos from the night here via Photographer, Veronika Sajova and the Mandurah Mail.