Say g’day to our latest addition: the AI Photo Booth. Designed to revolutionise your event experience, our AI Photo Booth combines cutting-edge technology with seamless functionality, ensuring unforgettable moments captured with flair and finesse.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our AI Photo Booth brings a new dimension to event photography. Say goodbye to traditional setups and hello to a world where every snap is a masterpiece.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate gala, a sporting extravaganza, or a community festival, our AI Photo Booth is your ultimate companion for capturing the magic.



Dynamic Backgrounds: With AI-powered background removal, your guests can transport themselves to any setting they desire. From exotic beaches to bustling cityscapes, the possibilities are endless.

Virtual Props: Say farewell to physical props cluttering your event space. Our AI Photo Booth offers a myriad of virtual props that add whimsy and charm to every photo.

Instant Sharing: Seamlessly share your moments across social media platforms with our built-in sharing features. Let the world be a part of your event, instantly.

Custom Branding: Elevate your brand presence with customisable branding options. From logos to custom overlays, make every photo a testament to your brand’s identity.

Data Insights: Gain valuable insights into guest demographics and engagement with our advanced analytics dashboard. Understand your audience better and tailor future events for maximum impact.

Green Screen Technology: Transport your guests anywhere in the world with our advanced green screen technology. From iconic landmarks to fantasy realms, let your imagination run wild.

Gesture Recognition: Say cheese without lifting a finger! Our AI Photo Booth recognises hand gestures, making photo-taking a breeze for even the most camera-shy guests.

Augmented Reality Effects: Dive into a world of fantasy with our range of augmented reality effects. From whimsical animations to futuristic overlays, add a touch of magic to every photo.






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We offer the AI Photo Booth experience to x x x x x . Booking early is the best way to secure this unique experience so reach out early to secure your date.


Provide Your Details

Shoot through your event date, location and times so that we can put a hold on a AI Photo Booth for you. It is also helpful to provide your event objective so that we can recommend the best experience for you and your guests.


Book your AI Photo Booth

Once your AI Photo Booth experience is locked away, we can start to get creative with your overlay artwork and look to add data capture or surveys to meet your wider event objectives.


Event Delivery

We have been in the events business for over a decade so this is our time to shine. We have worked in Western Australia’s and Victoria’s most prestigious venues and stadiums both big and small. Let us work with your venue to ensure that all documentation and risk assessments are ticked off to provide a safe, high-impact event activation.


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