At Adept Photo Booth Perth, we have a booth for any occasion. Whether you want a Vintage Photo Booth or the latest technology in our GIF Booth, we make it our business to meet our clients needs and give them a memorable experience.

We love working with diverse clients and our Accessible Photo Booth allows us to meet the needs of some of these clients in a way that other Perth photo booth hire companies simply can’t. Two recent back to back events made this more even more evident to us with after working with Mosiac and the Victoria Park Library.

Mosiac are an organisation that provide a variety of services for people with an intellectual and/or physical disability. We are extremely proud to have become Mosiac’s photo booth Perth provider of choice which is largely due to our inclusive nature of our Accessible Photo Booth. The most recent event was the third we have done with them in the last six months and their clients love coming back to the photobooth each time!

The guests at the Friends of Mosiac 2018 event has a blast in the photo booth as always. To accommodate sensory needs of the guests, we operate our photobooth without a flash featuring consistent soft box lighting instead. This provides a constant light and stops the flash making any guests feel uncomfortable. With the event located at the new Optus Stadium, there was a definite Footy feeling with many of the guests sporting their teams colours and enjoying a tour of the changerooms.

Our second event the following morning was a Teddy Bears Picnic which was a fun family event at the Liesurelife Centre in Victoria Park. Run by The Victoria Park Library, this event saw upwards of 50 toddlers bring their teddys along for a morning of fun. The morning included a Petting Zoo, bubble play area, face painting, story time and of course a photo booth. The unique features of our accessible booth allowed us to take some great high resolution photos of the children with mum, dad and grandparents at kids eye level. This makes the experience all about them which they absolutely love!

The photo booth was a hit at both events however we must admit that we felt a bit upstaged by the complementary Coffee Barista on hand for parents at the Teddy Bears Picnic!

Why is Inclusive greater than Accessible?

Whilst we call this particular offering my in our fleet ‘Accessible Photo Booth’ the fact is that it is far more than accessible, it is truly inclusive.

The terms Inclusive and accessible may appear similar in meaning, however the inclusive nature of the booth allows for the whole photo booth experience in the Camera, Flash and touch screen to all move to a height suitable for small children, adults or people in a wheelchair.

You can read more about this distinction between accessible and inclusive in my Guest Blog: Accessible vs Inclusive – the distinction that has grown my photo booth business.

At Adept Photo Booths we pride ourselves on making anyone who comes into the photobooth welcome. With our Accessible Photo Booth set up any one who enters gets the same experience and the same great photo strips.

If you would like to learn more about our Accessible Photo Booths, drop us a line via our contact form and learn why we are the leading Perth Photo Booth hire company.