Like any sector, the Perth photo booth hire industry is constantly evolving. At Adept Photo Booth we like to focus our energy on developing the best photo experiences possible. We don’t single out the hardware or equipment we use, instead we make an effort to understand the clients marketing objectives and choose the tools to meet these objectives.

One client that we love working with is The Left Bank in Fremantle. We love working with the team at The Left Bank because we have built a relationship where we have gained their trust and confidence for deliver on their marketing objectives.

We have delivered a number of Fremantle Photo Booth activations with them using our Vintage Photo Booth, Perth Flower Wall range and more recently our Gif Booth. depending on the audience they are looking to engage we provide the most appropriate solution every time.

One of The Left Banks marquee events is their Mexicana Fiesta celebrating the start and conclusion of the university semester. Being a young, tech savvy audience at these events our Perth GIF Booth range as the obvious choice which has always been a massive hit.

Whilst any Perth GIF Booth activation is a massive hit, being stuck in one location does present its limitations. So for the second Mexicana Fiesta event we took out our Roaming Photo Booth to get a direct comparison ror a similar event of a fixed GIF Booth versus a moving GIF Booth.

The Roaming Photo Booth Perth experience 25% greater usage in the same amount of time, with the same audience on a Friday night which is exactly what we were trying to achieve. The reality was that we were literally able to get to more patrons at the venue with a mobile photobooth rather than being fixed to one location.

Usage was up, visibility was up and everyone was aware that we were there for the activation after seeing us walking around with the ring light photo booth.

Click this link to see the branded microsite for the Left Banks Mexicana Event which is available with any Roaming Photo Booth or Perth GIF Booth hire.

If you want to learn more about our Roaming Photo Booth, Ring Light photo booth or any other experiences that we offer at Adept Photo Booths, drop us a note to see how we can bring your event to life.