The entertainment value of having a photo booth at any event are obvious. No matter what the occasion, photo booths are synonymous with bring fun, colour and life to the party.

However if your event is celebrating something a bit more sentimental than a typical party such as a wedding, engagement party or perhaps even a milestone birthday party, the memories from this event will last longer than one night of fun.

At Adept Photo Booths, we have a number of options available to provide a keep sake for both the happy couple or birthday boy/girl and guests alike. Some of these options also provide great Bonbonniere ideas  – what gift says more to your friends and family than a personalised memory frozen in time from your special day?

Here are a few of our more popular offerings to keep the celebration close to your heart for years to come.

Guest Book

The concept of a guest book for a photobooth is no different to any other guest book or card for a milestone occasion.

Guests are encouraged to write a personal message for the host which they can keep and look back on to remember their special occasion.  Next to their message, the guest can stick a photo strip from the photobooth giving the recipient a tangible keepsake.

A Guest Book is generally something that the bride and groom, or birthday host appreciate after the event when thy can look back and all of the fun that their guests had in the photo booth and accompanying heartfelt messages.

We strongly recommend providing a Guest Book for any milestone occasion. If you have some creative scrap booking flare then you are more than welcome to provide your own scrap book that our staff can assist with,

However if you don’t want to worry about all of the logistics of make a guest book happen, we offer a complete solution with a leather bound Guest Book, glue tape and craft pens that is full managed by our photo both host.

Our photo booth host at the event will actively encourage guests to leave a message by sticking a photo strip in for them and providing the pen. Often all it takes is a conversation with each guest to make sure that they are aware of the Guest Book to get them to leave a message.

Memory Book

In todays world, most of our photos sit in a phone, on a computer somewhere or on a photo gallery somewhere on social media. A printed photo is somewhat rare these days, which makes the photo strips from a photo booth even more valuable.

With each Melbourne or Perth photo booth hire we can create a coffee table book of all of the individual images from your event. this Memory book has a printed cover and looks like a professional publication rather than the scrap book style of a guest book.

You could create a Memory Book as well as, or instead of a Guest Book depending on your taste. This particular item provides a great talking point to a have a physical book to look through with friends and family.

Magnet Strips and Photo Strip Frames

When was the last time that you went to a wedding and thought: “this is a really cool idea for a bonbonniere”? If not, the chances are you have received a shot glass, a little bag of lollies, or *yawn* a plastic container of bubbles.

It is really hard to find a bonbonniere options on a budget, but we think that we have the perfect solution – especially since you have already decided that getting a wedding photo booth is such a great idea!


The photos and memories from the photo booth are just as sentimental and precious to your guests so as well as a guest book for you to keep all of the collective memories from your special day, why not consider give guests a way to preserve their photo strips form the occasion?

A really simple and effective way to do this is to offer a small frame or magnetic strips to be stuck on the back of the photo printouts so that they can live on your guests fridges for years to come. This is another service that we can offer on request with any birthday or wedding photo booth hire, so drop us a line to learn more.

Online Gallery

All Melbourne and Perth photo booth hire’s come with an online photo album to share with your guests and download all of the photos from your event. This online gallery can have passwords and privacy screens applied if you want to keep your party for your eyes only and that of your guests.

Click this link to view our online gallery.