As 2019 draws to a close, our Roaming Photo Booth in Dunsborough is just as busy as Perth out at events across the corporate Christmas party and graduation scene.

The third week in November however saw the graduating high school classes of 2019 wrap up for the year and school leavers hit Dunsborough in full force for the annual end of year celebration.

The leavers celebration is a rite of passage for many seventeen and eighteen-year-old students from Year 12 to get together and celebrate the end of a chapter in their lives as they look towards the next one.

Only 3 hours south of Perth, Dunsborough over the years has become a favourite destination for W.A. school leavers offering a safe and fun designated place at the famous Dunsborough Leavers Entertainment Zone to celebrate and unwind after exams are finished.

Dunsborough certainly turn on a great event for the annual leavers celebration and leavers were welcomed by the Leavers Green Team at the Entertainment Zone who were there to help whenever needed and ensure that leavers had a safe & fun experience. Many parents breathe a sigh of relief knowing their teens are in safe hands.

The Entertainment Zone With The Leavers Green Team

The Leavers Green Team construct and operate The Entertainment Zone; a large outdoor drug, alcohol, and smoke-free area in Dunsborough which caters to over 8,000 leavers each night, over four massive nights from Monday 18th of November to Thursday the 21st of November and the students came ready to party!

Leavers Green Team, a ministry of Baptist Churches Western Australia, partnered with the W.A. Police to provide the Leavers Entertainment Zone in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Their crew was made up of over 150 volunteers from local churches, the local community and all over WA.

Alongside the Leavers Green Team and W.A. Police, St John’s Ambulance, Red Frogs Australia, and other responsive organisations were there at the forefront. It really is an amazing community and team effort not only providing a safe space but also encouraging positive culture and behaviours for our teens, especially around the use of alcohol and drugs.

Adept Photo Booths Now Offers Roaming Photo Booth In Dunsborough

This celebration was also a milestone for Adept Photo Booths as it marked the first event for us after setting up in the South West. We now have Roaming Photo Booths in Dunsborough permanently to service the South West region including but not limited to Margaret River, Yallingup, Busselton and Bunbury with local staff to help service events in this beautiful part of our state.

Our Roaming Photo Booth was the perfect option to add to the festival atmosphere at the zone which included carnival rides, DJ’s, silent discos, chill out areas, lounges, and our Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booth was able to digitally capture the leavers enjoying it all!

Our Roaming Photo Booths are the latest in Photo Booth technology and with no reliance on mains power with a portable battery which allowed our Photo Booth Host Belinda to seamlessly integrate into all areas of the event. It was the perfect way to capture this milestone event for so many.

Was The Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booth a Success?

The overall feedback from the leavers and volunteers that used our Roaming Photo Booth in Dunsborough was very positive and they loved the experience. Having a Photo Booth come to you instead of the other way around means that you can capture photos right amongst the action of the event without much disruption and reach all areas of The Entertainment Zone. It kept Belinda our Photo Booth attendant very busy with so much going on!

Our Roaming Photo Booth in Dunsborough took 879 photos and 226 Boomerang GIF’s, sent 1,288 SMS to attendees with their photos and the leavers loved being able to SMS or email the images directly to themselves and instantly share with their social media community, many sent photos straight to their parents which we think is a pretty cool way of showing mum or dad that you’re safe and having fun even if it was late at night!

Not only do the images get sent instantly to the users but they were also uploaded to a branded Leavers Green Team Microsite where all the images are available as a gallery to view and share indefinitely.

What Does a Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booth Package Include?

Our Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booth packages include custom overlay artwork and we were able to include the Leavers Green Team logo, Leavers logo and images of the event characters and artwork. For our client it meant their purpose and message was spread far and wide to their targeted community and a lot of exposure to help bring in numbers for the next and subsequent years events. So, as you can see our Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booths are not only amazing for bringing that unique photo experience to your event attendees, they are also a great marketing tool helping to bring a return on investment. Did we also mention you get unlimited sessions for your event?

Our client had some lovely feedback to share:

“The roaming photo booth was great – the leavers loved it, the volunteers loved it – it was definitely a hit!! Belinda was great – if we’re doing the zone again next year, we’ll definitely look to use you guys again!!”


Thanks to the Leavers Green Team and all the volunteers for keeping the school leavers safe, we were thrilled to play a part in the entertainment and can’t wait to be involved again next year. Schoolies and leavers haven’t always had the best reputation, so it was great to see a more positive and safe experience available to everyone. Well done to all those involved for a successful event!

We are very excited to be expanding in Dunsborough and the South West region and having local staff means the South West region can enjoy the same prices as the Perth metro area with no travel surcharges on select products including our Roaming Photo Booth and GIF Booths. We cater to a wide range of different types of events so if you have an event coming up, get in contact with us and we would love to discuss how we can help bring your event to life with our Dunsborough Roaming Photo Booths.