We attended Photo Booth Expo 2024, a hub of photo booth innovation. We recap the latest trends and technologies that are transforming the photo booth industry.


As attendees immersed themselves in the exhibition floor and engaged in informative sessions, several noteworthy developments emerged, offering valuable insights into the future of photo booth experiences.

We were there once again to make sure that we are at the forefront of technology so let’s delve deeper into our key takeaways and explore examples of the groundbreaking products that captured attendees’ attention.

Watch: Adept Photo Booths attends Photo Booth Expo 2024 in Las Vegas


AI Photo Booths Take Centre Stage

AI-powered photo booths emerged as a highlight of the expo, promising unparalleled levels of creativity and interactivity.

One standout product showcased was an AI photo booth equipped with advanced facial recognition technology, allowing users to seamlessly swap faces with celebrities or fictional characters.

Additionally, another exhibitor demonstrated an AI-driven photo booth that dynamically adjusted backgrounds and props based on users’ preferences, creating personalised experiences in real-time.

Rise of the GLAM Bot in the Robot Revolution

GLAM Bots stole the show at Photo Booth Expo 2024, signalling a revolution in robotic event experiences.

Their sleek designs, interactive touchscreens, customisable LEDs, and social sharing features impressed attendees.

We saw the robot trend coming and proudly launched our first GLAM Bot early – stay tuned for more innovation!

Vintage Vibes Make a Comeback

Nostalgia for vintage aesthetics was front and centre throughout the expo, with several exhibitors showcasing wooden or wooden-look photo booths for a vintage hand crafted vibe.

One standout product was a beautifully crafted wooden photo booth with hand-carved details and retro-inspired signage, evoking memories of bygone eras.

Despite the absence of enclosed photo booths, we anticipate a revival of vintage-inspired setups in the near future.

Evolution of Audio Guest Books

Whilst only coming to events in the past year or so, Audio Guest Books underwent a transformative evolution at the expo, incorporating video elements to enhance the guest experience.

Exhibitors unveiled innovative products that allowed users to record video messages alongside traditional audio entries, creating multimedia keepsakes that captured the essence of special moments.

The seamless integration of audio and video paves the way for enhanced storytelling and emotional engagement at events.

Our key takeaway? Guests crave multi-sensory experiences, making video message booths the clear evolution of the traditional audio guest book.

360 Photo Booths Hit Their Peak

360 photo booths continued to mesmerise attendees with their immersive and dynamic experiences, despite the growing competition from robotic counterparts.

One exhibitor showcased a state-of-the-art 360 photo booth equipped with multiple cameras and motion-sensing technology, enabling users to capture breathtaking panoramic shots and immersive videos.

While the rise of Robots posed a challenge to traditional 360 setups, attendees remained optimistic about the enduring appeal and versatility of 360 photo booths in the ever-evolving landscape of event entertainment.


As usual, Photo Booth Expo 2024 offered a glimpse into the future of photo booth experiences, showcasing groundbreaking technologies and trends that are reshaping the industry.

From AI-powered innovations to vintage-inspired setups and beyond, attendees left the expo inspired by the endless possibilities for creating unforgettable moments and engaging experiences.

As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable will be essential for photo booth professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve and delight audiences worldwide.

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