Finally, It’s Christmas!

As an event manager or executive assistant, you’ll probably find yourself in charge of your work Christmas party. It’s a lot of pressure, we know. Expectations are high, and somehow, you’re expected to throw a better Christmas party (often with less budget) than the previous year.

You already know that entertainment is key for the most epic office event. And that’s why photo booths are at the top of many successful event managers’ corporate Christmas party ideas. Think about it; if guests are in the photo booth, their main goal is to create memories with colleagues and not run up the bar tab.

But it can get monotonous and predictable if you’ve had a photo booth for work Christmas parties for a couple of years or so. Here’s the good news! Photo booths are extremely flexible, letting you mix things up however you want. So, without further ado, here are our top ideas to liven up your Christmas Photo Booth this year:


Christmas Photo Booth with Santa AR technology - Adept Photo Booths



This season, share the magic of Christmas with our Santa AR technology. No need to force someone to wear the big red suit this year, Santa Claus is virtually coming to town. 

Our Santa Augmented Reality technology allows you to have a real-life interaction with the always jolly St. Nick, dance around with Rudolph, shake your Christmas bells with an Elf, or snap a funny freeze move with Mr Snowman, the choice is yours.

We immerse ourselves in the magic of giving and make it our mission to create memories that last a lifetime. With our Santa AR technology, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the North Pole.

Let’s celebrate! We guarantee you and your guests will have an unforgettable Christmas experience.



What is an #Elfie? I’m glad you asked!

Inspired by the virtual ‘Elf Yourself’ digital Christmas Card, the #Elfie Station lets the user create a dancing GIF of their head on top of an elf’s body. Don’t worry; no editing on your part is necessary. Just strike a pose, and the photo booth will instantly produce an MP4 video output in just a few seconds. 

You can also choose to print your photos for fun, personalised Christmas Cards. Or, if you or your guests are up for it, the hilarious videos created can be shared on a big screen at your event.

Christmas Elfie GIF Booth Perth - Adept Photo Booths



If “impact” is what you are after, it is hard to pass up the 360 Photo Booth. This is a new addition to our photo booth fleet but has become one of the most popular. 

Using the 360 photo booth is so easy. Simply stand on a podium, maybe throw some festive confetti if you wish, and a camera circles around you to capture one to three people in a 360 slow-motion video. The generated video will be processed with music and branding. When the final output is ready, your guests will receive a link where they can download or share the MP4 video.



Invite your colleagues to this year’s epic Christmas party. Welcome them to Winter Wonderland with a snow globe GIF booth. An iconic piece of memorabilia easily recognisable, the snow globe gives that “traditional” Christmas vibe. 

At Adept, we create an animated overlay of a snow globe with a Christmas theme. Once installed, your guests can jump into the booth, which gives the illusion that they are in a Christmas-themed Snow Globe blizzard. Even more interesting, the booth is not limited to still pictures. You can create a short video file that’s easily shareable on all major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.



Most corporate Christmas parties are either cocktail or buffet style, so guests often stand and walk around to socialise. Therefore, keeping a photo booth in a fixed location may make it difficult for guests to know where it is. Worse, they may not even know it’s there!

Here’s the solution: a roaming photo booth. At Adept, our Roaming Photo Booth comes with a friendly host who will take the pictures for you. It’s almost like hiring a photographer for the event, but it’s even better! It has the same features as a photo booth but without the need to install heavy equipment. It’s the best way to capture your guests on the dancefloor or wherever they may be with as little disruption as possible.

Our Roaming Photo Booth sends a link via email or SMS to a dedicated microsite so guests whose pictures were taken can download or share their photos.


Most people don’t want to play dress-up at a corporate Christmas party. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be naughty, nice, or both for a few seconds. We’re not talking about paper stick props but digital ones. We have all your festive favourites, such as Santa’s beard, elf ears, Rudolph’s red nose and antlers, and even a grinch mask.

Because the props are digital, you do not have to make them yourself. You can have any prop you want to add a fun effect to any photo shoot. Everything is guaranteed to be cute and kooky – just the way you expect them to be! But don’t take our word for it. You can have a good look at the GIF on a live preview screen before our roaming photo booth host takes a snapshot.



Do you have a Christmas theme? Let us bring it to life with a Christmas backdrop for your photo booth. We’ve got everything that suits your event’s theme, from fluffing up a Christmas tree with tons of gifts to hanging stockings, lights, and garlands. And even if you don’t have a theme yet, or perhaps you don’t plan to, our backdrops will make it work for you.

Backdrops can create a snowstorm that rivals Frozen – even non-Royals would love to be in attendance. We can also make things simpler with just a barn and a DIY Christmas tree. But here’s the fun part. We can digitally incorporate some of the elements, so you never have to worry if you don’t have enough time to add some frames, stars, and other ornaments for your photo booth.


Open Photo Booth Perth


Speaking of frames, we have a vast selection of photo booth frames that can help you create the ultimate holiday party fun. Some people want to carry actual frames, whilst others may feel a little awkward. Not to worry; we have the solution. You can choose between in-person and virtual frames – or both if you or your guests so wish.

So, there you have it: 8 ways to lift your Christmas Photo Booth Experience this year. If you like the sound of any of the above ideas, all you need to do now is shoot us a note at for an obligation-free quote and to see if we have your date available. Book in advance to avoid inconvenience.

We look forward to hearing from you!