Melbourne Cup is upon us – the time of the year that brings the whole nation to a stop. To celebrate the greatest horse racing event in Australia, why not organise an office Melbourne Cup bash? If you’re looking to impress your work colleagues, we have some ideas to inspire you, or you can put your spin on them. Don’t forget to tell everyone to wear their best cup attire!



Begin your party planning with the venue. Having your own space is what will make your event more intimate. You have the chance to show off your creative and fun side by choosing the most appropriate theme that everyone will enjoy on that special day.

You can, of course, host the party in the office, but you have plenty of other options, as well. You can go to a beach, park, or hotel, or even rent a boat. Wherever you plan to hold the event, an essential requirement is that you have enough space for a large TV.



No matter where you plan to take your party, it should embody the Melbourne Cup spirit. You can choose to have an intimate office party or a luxe picnic at the park. Whatever you opt for, don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity with the use of bright racing colours. Green or pastel tones with spring-themed décor always work, but you have an unlimited colour palette to choose from.

You can create a carnival atmosphere and place some floral installations if you so wish. We recommend you keep the bright colours to a minimum and pair them with black or white. This combination prevents the event space from looking too busy and cluttered. Don’t worry about the colours; your guests will surely contribute to them with their ties, socks, dresses, and headpieces.



What’s a Melbourne Cup gathering without the race itself? Ensure that everyone can watch and hear the race comfortably. Set up a large screen or several small ones so no one in the crowd will miss out. Oh, and crank up the volume come race time!

It’s always essential to plan to make sure that you have a live feed of the Melbourne Cup. You may want to talk to an audio/visual technician a day before the race. That way, you know what possible issues you might deal with, such as TV reception and audio feedback. Take note that everyone’s viewing pleasure and comfort are vital. Don’t just set up a small screen if you have a hundred guests.



If you have ever been to a Melbourne Cup office function before, you know that it is not only about horse racing – it’s also about fashion. It’s a great excuse to dress up, so encourage everyone to frock up. Ladies usually wear their biggest, brightest, and most intriguing hats. Gentlemen, on the other hand, typically sport funky socks and ties that catch the eye.

You can even host a fashion show and offer a prize for those who put in the effort to look their best. You can create your theme to make the competition more challenging.

Whilst dressing up is fun, some guests may not want to participate. Remember not to make them feel excluded by giving others the option to wear their favourite jeans and shirt.



It’s a long day, for sure. Even huge Melbourne Cup fans can get bored, so ensure your guests are entertained throughout the event. You can hire a master of ceremonies, but they’re not a requirement. They can, however, help the party run smoothly. For instance, they can host a fashion show or inform everyone when the race is about to start.

The party will surely be the talk of the town if you can introduce some interactive experiences, such as a photo booth. Your guests are dressed up for the occasion, so there should be photo opportunities to capture their stylish looks. And nothing can capture their incredible outfits better than a 360 photo booth. Guests can take photos of themselves from all angles to show off their Melbourne Cup ensemble.

Another option is a mirror photo booth, which allows them to check how they look – just like a mirror – and then take shots.

An open photo booth is a wonderful addition, which is so easy to set up. It’s a good option for people who do not like to enter an enclosed space to take pictures. Some guests don’t want to fall in line and wait for their turn to take a selfie. So, why not have the camera go to them? That’s easily achievable with a roaming photo booth.

Enjoy unlimited photos and create GIFs and boomerangs with a single photo booth. Now your work colleagues don’t have to worry about awkwardly standing around, wondering what to talk about as the party starts.

What about offices in different locations? Don’t worry; there are virtual photo booths to take advantage of, letting you customise and create snapshots using a web-based camera.



Melbourne Cup is an extravagant event, so keep the food coming and drinks flowing. Corporate catering is often a necessity in this type of gathering. Making it easy for everyone to grab and enjoy salads, gourmet canapes, and finger foods will help them be satisfied.

We recommend that you serve lunch before the race begins. You can either have a sit-down meal, which is excellent for team building or a buffet so guests can fill themselves when they feel like eating even as the race starts. For those with larger teams, a waitstaff can make serving easier. If your goal is to impress and you have the budget, crank it up a notch with a private chef who can prepare a standout meal.

Of course, champagne is non-negotiable, so have loads of it. Keep it chilled and serve the bubbly in a glass.

Are you ready for your next Melbourne Cup lunch? Host a great party that your staff and guests will not forget. Contact Adept Photo Booths to elevate your event with the photo booth that suits your theme and budget.