Planning an event is exciting, but it can be very exhausting, as well. Whether it is a wedding or birthday party, a company function, or an anniversary, it always takes enormous amounts of work. Most of us emphasize the venue, décor, food, and even the dress code. But there is one element of the party that is even more significant yet often overlooked: the guests.

You can have great music playing in the background and even beautiful colours in the venue. Let’s face it, though; not everyone is willing to go to the dancefloor and start dancing on their own. Bringing guests into the entertainment is the key to a party that people talk about for several days or even months to come. If you’re looking to provide your guests with a fun and memorable experience, hiring a photo booth is the answer!



In any event, it is vital to create a relaxed vibe for the guests. No one will enjoy being in a place where they feel awkward because they barely know one or two people on your guest list. Your goal is to generate memories out of your event and allow your guests to be themselves at the same time. That’s what you can achieve with a photo booth.

There is an endless entertainment source when you hire a photo booth for your celebration. And while you make sure your guests feel comfortable, you get to express yourself through personalisation. The ability to customise is one of the reasons why many Australians choose photo booths over a photographer. While photographers are a great option, they usually offer expensive services with a limited number of shots. There is also that chance to miss incredible moments.

Increase the entertainment value even more with photo booth add-ons. On its own, a photo booth offers tons of fun. But you can make it even more special with the following add-ons, which you can only get here at Adept Photo Booths:


1. Guest Books

A beautifully-crafted leather-bound guest book is something that your guests (and you) will surely be excited about. It comes with a frame where you can insert a cover photo of your choice. Pick one that best represents the event or just about anything you want.

Inside the book are premium black pages where guests can glue their photos and write a special message for you or whomever the event is for. There is no limit to the number of photos your guests can stick onto the pages – until they run out of pages, of course. But there are plenty of spaces for everyone in our guest book, along with their handwritten messages.

Don’t worry about pens and glue – we’ve got you covered. Our staff will also actively guide the guests and ensure they do not misuse the tape causing the pages to get stuck.

Why get this add-on, you ask? Not only will guests love sticking their printed photos on the guest book, but you will also get a priceless album. It doesn’t get as personalised as guest books, from the pictures to the messages. It’s a wonderful book that you’ll treasure for life.

Have your guests sign and stick their photos in this black guest book.


2. Memory Books

So, you love how your guest book turned out, but you’re also looking for something professionally prepared. Our memory book is your best option. We craft it especially for your event, together with the help of a design professional.

Memory books are a great way to look back at your event. And we’re not just talking about the top 10, 20, or even 30. The memory book will contain 80 of the best photos from the exciting gathering.

It’s the most charming coffee table book that will surely spark laughs and interest as you flip through the pages. We know that the memory book is one of the most beautiful gifts you will ever receive.

Memory books are a great way to look back at your event.


3. Magnets

It’s hard to top an event with photo magnets. Your guests (and you) will find the pieces irresistible. Imagine having your favourite photos placed on the refrigerator or any magnetic surface. Photo strips are ways to remind us how silly we were on a particular occasion. They capture enjoyable and amusing moments with friends and loved ones. They’re nostalgic, cool, and customised.

After taking a picture, our staff can stick a magnet on the back of the photo strip. You and the guests can have a retro reel of memories that you love to look back on. Slap the photo on the fridge or even your filing cabinet. This add-on is a must-have for anyone who values mementoes after a wonderful event.

Our staff will stick a magnet on the back of the photo strip, so you can just slap the photo on the fridge or even your filing cabinet.


4. Flower Wall

Spruce up the photo booth with a flower wall backdrop. It’s everyone’s favourite and highly-requested. Our 3D flower wall captures the beauty of nature and is perfect for those with a flower-themed party. But even if your event is not associated with flowers, we’re confident that you will love this popular wall choice as your background. It is stunning and always a massive hit for birthdays, anniversaries, and especially weddings.

Flower walls are becoming popular for photo booth backgrounds.


5. Mobile App

Adept Photo Booths can create a mobile app for you. Many of our customers love to be in the know at all times about their event. Our team of dedicated and skilled people will help you achieve, no matter what your goals are. Our app can capture and collect all the photos taken in the booth. This ability puts the fun of photo booths right in your hands.

one of our app's features is to capture and collect all the photos taken in the booth.




We arrange and customise props suitable for your occasion.

Aside from all the add-ons mentioned, Adept Photo Booths can also arrange custom props for your special occasion. Do you have a specific theme in mind? Perhaps you just want to use or promote the name of your brand. Maybe you’re the type of person who loves to put a date on all photographs or your nickname. Whatever it is that you’re looking to achieve, you can count on us. We have a talented team that can accommodate any requests.

You can provide your designs, and we will make sure to bring them to life. If you’re unsure, our design staff will give suggestions, and you take your pick.

Photo booths have become a new trend in event photography all over the world. Sure, you can always take photos with your cell phone or even hire a photographer. But if you want a tried and tested method that encourages everyone to mix and mingle, a photo booth is the unbeatable choice. With add-ons, you and the guests get extra inspiration. From photo booth props, to flower walls, to a memory book, you can have the perfect work of art customised just for you.

Note that as add-ons, you are not required to include them in your package. You are free to choose whether you would like to hire the photo booth alone or have add-ons, as well. It’s all up to you!

At Adept Photo Booths, we’re “adept” at making your event and photo booth experience a blast. Our available add-ons are excellent ways to turn moments into memories.

Our add-ons will surely make your event unforgettable.