At the end of 2021, we see the light at the end of the tunnel as more and more events have started taking place. There are still strict requirements and restrictions, but event professionals are proving their resilience intending to fulfil the human desire to get together. Despite the challenges, one thing is for sure: the show must go on.

This year, we’re bound to see trends emerge as we navigate the events world. Perhaps in-person may soon fully return, especially with mandatory vaccination in place.

Despite the unpredictability with the goings-on in Australia and the rest of the world, here are the top event trends for 2022:



With workers leaving their jobs, albeit involuntary in some cases, higher expectations cause companies to provide an inviting work environment. Finding talent may be easy but retaining is often tricky. Understaffing is a challenge, which is why employers are keener to offer professional and personal support to their employees.

This is where strategic partnerships between brands seem to benefit from. Prospective employers look for other businesses with goals that align with theirs. From here, they can appeal to more employees.

Events allow this partnership to grow in more ways than one. Companies pay more attention to how the other brands engage and interact with customers, especially on social media and online forums. That is where they determine the values of the business, as well as their core beliefs and principles. With this outsider’s point of view, companies can also bring new value to both the customers and employees.

Celebrating the joining of two (or more) forces or testing the waters to see if the collaboration will work can easily be done with the help of an event.


It is often difficult to track people who attend a gathering. How do organisers know how long the attendees stayed? Did they show any interest in a particular exhibit or activity? Did they make purchases during the event, or at least plan to do so? Were the guests willing to share their positive experiences on social media platforms?

As you can see, data collection is necessary, regardless of the theme and the type of event. It’s useful in determining the success of the event, which will then be utilised for future decisions and hopefully improve investment returns. For example, data can measure consumer engagement in trade shows or product launches. The acquired figures can help create better marketing strategies, develop better future products, and eventually improve sales and profits.

And this is why social shares are essential for after-event data collection. Guests posting about their experiences on their timelines and sharing high-quality photos are unbeatable methods of spreading information. It’s arguably the best and most affordable PR tool.

covid safety plan - adept photo booths

Mindfulness and wellness are amongst the top priorities of any event. Work smarter, not harder, as they say. But what does this adage have to do with events? More gatherings will take place to raise physical and mental health awareness. Various industries have now incorporated meditation, yoga, or brain break workshops and activities to motivate staff whilst inspiring creativity.

Smaller events are also preferred over larger corporate gatherings. Although the latter is often viewed as a sign of success, more intimate events offer a better opportunity for face to face meetings. That’s why micro weddings, pod meetups, and the like continue to exist.

Although ROI is important, health should be the top priority. In 2022, we will see a more relaxed event scene, but that’s mainly due to mandatory COVID vaccination in Western Australia. As part of the policy, occupations and workforces in the state are following mandates for specific industries, especially high-risk ones. Proof of vaccination is required, along with predefined rules to ensure everyone’s safety against the disease.

See what Adept is doing to ensure you and your guests are protected, read our COVID safety plan.

mosaic wall

It’s no secret that technology has made our lives better. This is also true in the events world. Event planners are looking to expand their various tech options, such as incorporating events apps. What’s better than creating an immersive and thought-provoking experience for the guests to enjoy? Surely, your event will be the talk of the town!

Enter the 360 photo booth, a total showstopper. This modern photo booth will make guests feel like they’re a celebrity with paparazzi ready to take shots. This innovative tech has a ground-breaking design and allows users to take a selfie or “ussie” from all angles. It also can create slow-motion videos and GIFs.

How about the Face Morphing photo booth? Guests can create hilarious portraits of themselves by combining their faces with another person. Advanced technology will rapidly process the images to produce a seamless transition of two photos morphed into one.

Nothing says interactive more than a booth. Make a lasting impression by adding a personal touch that will impress your guests. A Roaming or Mobile photo booth is great for festivals, corporate events, car shows, and themed gatherings. It’s a unique photo booth indeed. Instead of having guests line up and wait for their turn to strike a pose, it’s delivered straight to their spot.

There is also the The Mosaic Photo Wall experience, which allows you to merge a number of your favourite photos into one large image, in the same way that you would create a jigsaw puzzle from a number of pieces. If you can’t be there in person, the virtual photo booth will make you feel like you are when it all comes together. 

And that about wraps up the event trends for 2022.

The events industry will continue to adapt and change as restrictions loosen bit by bit. Perhaps these new rules and guidelines will remain part of our new normal, perhaps not. Either way, events will always be crucial for any business, organisation, and even regular people with a constant need to socialise.

Don’t forget to enjoy and preserve these memories. Each high-quality photo is worth sharing with your friends, colleagues, and the rest of the world. Next time you hold an event, take a look at Adept Photo Booth’s unique experience booths and services.