Part of the benefits of having a photo booth installed in your establishment is that it will take care of itself most of the time. As a business owner, you certainly have plenty of things to do with numerous day-to-day duties. It may not make sense to add another task when your hands are already full. But that’s not the case with a permanent photo booth installation.

Bars and restaurants are busy places where patrons hang out to have a good time. Why not amplify your means of connecting with your customers whilst enjoying the perks of user-generated marketing? This is achievable with the help of permanent photo booth installations. What are they, you ask? The answer is quite simple.

A permanent install is a long-term rental of a photo booth for your business. It’s an incredible way to earn some passive income, enhance customer experience, and make your bar or restaurant even more interesting. It’s surely a marketing hit without spending a ton of cash, unlike other forms of advertisement.

Unconvinced? Here are the reasons why you should have a permanent photo booth installed in your bar or restaurant:



You already know that brand awareness is critical to your business’ success. People need to be aware of your brand for you to acquire more customers in the long run. Brand awareness is, put simply, the ability of consumers to recognise and remember your business. So, how does a permanent photo booth play into brand awareness? Having a photo booth lets your restaurant or bar stand out. It’s one sure-fire way to keep your business at the top of your audiences’ minds.

A permanent photo booth lets and encourages your patrons to become the stars of their content and your business. And here’s a big bonus. Photo booths generally allow you to put your brand front and centre. That’s the key for your customers to recall your slogan, logo, or marketing message. In turn, this builds positive feelings and views about your business, which further creates an image that enables customers to connect with your brand in the best way possible.



Photo booths let you create custom hashtags and have more followers on your social media pages. In a world that’s heavily fascinated with social media posts, likes, views, and shares, it’s time for you to take advantage of this incredibly affordable method of gaining traction.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have been the not-so-secret means to attract new customers, get feedback, and eventually build customer loyalty. It’s an unbeatable form of marketing when your customers show your brand through their photos and posts on their social media.



By installing a permanent photo booth, you can get your own branded microsite, which is a brand-specific website where you can promote your products, events, and other campaigns. Usually, it consists of a single web page that helps you to connect with users.

Microsites are a powerful tool, especially if you’re bolstering your marketing program. A photo booth microsite has all the images that users can access in one place. That’s an even better way of storing party or event pictures.

Not all photo booth rental companies offer a microsite, however. For you to benefit from it, you should check that it’s a feature provided once you have the photo booth installed. This is where Adept Photo Booths stand out. We will design a personalised microsite for your business that’s completely brandable and super easy to use. It’s accessible using any device. Now, you have the perfect sharing solution to gain maximum exposure!

photo booths drive traffic to your location or specific area within your location.



Have you ever heard how data can help you make better decisions? It’s a fact. Photo booths have innovative software that incorporates collecting data whilst customers enjoy the fun experience of utilising the booth. And because it’s a permanent install, you do not have to wait for your next event to use it. Whether you have a new product to launch or a month-long store promotion, you can have a photo booth that’s always ready to use.

Forget about boring and time-consuming data collection and analytics. Photo booths give you a better way to capture customer information that even you will enjoy. You can use it to connect with your customers whilst checking where your content is viewed, downloaded, or shared.

This is all possible with Adept Photo Booths’ live analytics feed. This built-in feature provides you with a detailed snapshot of your customers, including their feedback and other valuable data. People will interact more with your brand and even encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

An effective technique to generate return business is through targeted deals. For example, by signing up for your newsletter and providing their birthdates, you can give customers a birthday discount or any offer that they will be glad to receive.



Happy and satisfied customers mean loyalty. That’s important to any business. Restaurants and bars thrive when they have returning customers or repeat business. It’s also one of the major ways to gain new customers, thanks to your patrons sharing their wonderful experiences with you to their friends and followers. That’s an easy and free ad for your venue!

“Customer experience is the new business benchmark,” as they say. Your customers want a positive experience and certainly not a single transaction with your brand. Photo booths can do just that, especially if you encourage them to take photos.

Photo booths installed in restaurants and bars are a source of entertainment and fun. They are for everyone, young and old. Here’s a tip: you can create a “Wall of Fame” to inspire more people to use the photo booth. Together with good service, photo booths help you deliver a delightful experience to your customers, which also make you stand out from your competitors.



You can make extra cash with your photo booth. Adept Photo Booths can include a pay-per-use system, which you can use to charge for photos. Customers not only go to your establishment to drink and eat, but they will also utilise the booth to take pictures. What’s more, they will share the photos on their social media whenever they are in your venue.

Try a permanent photo booth install to start marketing your bar/restaurant with little work on your end. Enquire with Adept Photo Booths today!