Everyone loves taking photos at any event, including corporate gatherings. These memorable occasions are suitable for camera-ready experiences, allowing people to document the fun they’re having. In a company event, you want to make sure all attendees enjoy their time. An easy way to create interaction and sharing moments between guests is through a photo booth.

Typically, one of the goals of corporate events is to try and replicate the atmosphere of comfort and lightness present in casual celebrations. For example, birthdays, weddings, and even weekend barbecues are a great escape from stressful days at the office. Place a photo booth at your event space, and you’ll have a laughing crowd, a warm mood, and a corporate party that everyone will remember.

But what type of photo booth best fits your corporate event? It all depends on a few aspects like your budget, venue layout and orientation, and of course, your event objectives. To make your choice easier, here are five types of corporate events and the top photo booth options for each:



Do you have a cocktail-themed party coming up? Will it be structured towards growing your business network? If so, you will find photo booths a good entertainment source for such events. They can be connected to social media directly using hashtags and social media triggers in the uploaded photos.

Cocktail party photographs are fun, but you can make them even more unique and enjoyable. Photo booths will give that extra edge to your cocktail-style gathering. The options for your event are endless. You can pick a photo booth that matches your theme and colours.

But cocktail and networking parties typically have people on their feet throughout the night. It’s all about moving around, interacting with other attendees, and making that connection. That’s why a Roaming Photo Booth is the most suitable option. Capture candid photos as you encourage guests to strike a pose on the spot.

An alternative is to have a professional photographer on the scene. The photographer can take pictures to memorialise the entire celebration. You never have to worry about the corporate party being documented from start to finish through quality photographs.

roaming photo booth perth



Let’s face it. The business world is brutal, and one thing to help you stand out is through a successful corporate event. Invite colleagues, clients, and staff for your next corporate function. Don’t forget to keep everyone entertained with a photo booth installed in the venue. Here are two options for this formal occasion:

  • 360 Photo Booth: What’s a better way to impress the attendees than with a revolutionary 360-degree photo booth? This premium photo booth has been trending in the industry, where guests appreciate a slow-motion rotating photo capture. And since it’s 360 degrees, all angles are photographed with the ability to customise animations and overlays. Plus, content can be shared to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels within seconds.
  • Mirror Booth: Imagine checking how you look from head to toe and capturing your poses anytime you want. It’s a magical, interactive experience that’s ideal for gala-style events. The high-tech mirror photo booth features a mirror glass that’s truly a work of art. A big bonus is that you can add your branding on-screen, giving your guests the chance to become your brand ambassadors. (maximise branding on-screen and a full-length mirror to capture

Your corporate event is guaranteed to be the talk of the town with these photo booth options. They typically provide multimedia experience, levelling up the experience in hosting company parties, such as product launches and marketing affairs.

mirror photo booth



When it comes to staff parties, you want a photo booth that rocks! Don’t settle for a gathering where employees feel the same as going to work on weekdays. Turn it into something that your employees get excited about. Photo booths can do just that. They can help you create an epic office Christmas party, whether you have six or 60 staff members. Pick a photo booth that can accommodate large groups of people. Here are some ideas:

  • Open Photo Booth: This traditional photo booth may be a cliché to some, but it’s a conversation starter. It’s guaranteed that the office joker will turn up, helping everyone loosen up, and the whole venue will start roaring with laughter. Props like hats, signs, sticks, and backdrops make an open-air photo booth attractive. Pick a gorgeous setting, which is as flexible as your chosen theme or party style.
  • Roaming Photo Booth: We’ve talked about roaming photo booths above. But it’s so adaptable that it can be used in any event, including staff holiday parties. Roaming booths are exactly what they sound like. They roam around, bringing an interactive photo capturing experience right to the guests. They can strike a pose without going to an enclosed booth. The mobile photo booth will let them take pictures right where they are.

Photo booths create immediate interaction with the employees. Whether you choose an open or roaming photo booth, your soiree will undoubtedly be a huge success.

open photo booth perth



Are you planning a fundraiser or charity event? Here’s a unique way to have increased earning potential: hire a photo booth. Whether you have a sit-down meal, a disco party, or an afternoon fair, a photo booth can help you generate cash for your fundraising event. How can you do that, you ask? You can try these methods:

  • Offer photo booths as pay per use
  • Provide ad spaces for sponsors
  • Allow photo booth use for free, but you can charge for photo printing

Benefit from repeated income since your guests will love to take more pictures of themselves with their friends and perhaps the new connections they have made. Don’t forget to tell your guests to promote the charity on their social media pages, complete with your hashtag.

Any type of photo booth can work excellently for your fundraiser. One option that you may want to consider is a Vintage Photo Booth, which will certainly add a classic touch to your event. The retro-style gives realistic photos that take you back to the golden years. They are perfect for birthday parties and weddings but are also a favourite in charity functions.

vintage photo booth



Event marketing tactics have significantly evolved over the past few years. There are numerous ways to reach out to people, particularly possible customers. In the past, the target was limited to people who were physically at the event. Today, with the power and grasp of social media, you can connect to individuals from many parts of the world.

For your next brand or product launch, hire a photo booth. You can overlay photos and use animated GIFs that come with customised graphics, including your brand name or logo. You can also select the hashtag that your guests can use when they upload their photos to social media platforms.

Photos are often stored in an online gallery that guests can access their photos. Since guests want to get their pictures, they may be willing to trade email addresses or join a marketing list. Your brand activation event becomes more meaningful because you get to turn it into a lead generating strategy.

As for the type of photo booth, we recommend a Green Screen Photo Booth that offers data capture. This feature is beneficial in boosting your marketing efforts. The photo booth should also allow sharing of branded content through SMS, email, and of course, social media.

Another option is a Mosaic Photo Wall where photos are collected and brought together to create an aesthetically pleasing physical and digital mosaic.

Photo booths are an effective and exciting way to generate photo opportunities for your guests. They don’t offer the same tedious method of taking pictures using a smartphone or camera. Photo booths are unique, giving benefits to everyone, including your company, in terms of guest engagement and brand exposure.

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