Birthdays are a celebration that many people look forward to. And to make a loved one’s birthday party special, why not plan ahead? We have scoured the Internet to find the best birthday party trends that we know you will love. So, without further ado, here are top party trends that will surely make the birthday boy or girl and well-wishers happy:



Everyone loves food, especially at birthday parties. Food will always be a part of birthday parties (or any party for that matter). But the way food is delivered or given to the guests is bound to change. This 2021 is all about neatly packaging party food in on-theme boxes. These boxes have been used for several years now, but they have grown in popularity recently. They are perfect for the guests to enjoy, and you can pick the design that suits the event.

Individually packaged food has become popular to avoid guests having to elbow one another in a buffet line. Gone are the days when you may not mind eating party foods that other people’s hands may have rifled through. That’s why meal boxes are now a thing, ushering in a new era that provides both customisation and peace of mind.



A themed cake always has a place at any birthday party, especially for the kids. Even adults would love to have a cake that showcases the colour scheme of the event. But dessert tables are changing. Whether you have a birthday party for an adult or kid, you should add more sweets. It’s a trend that’s not only sugary sweet but also creative. You can use a memorable backdrop for the dessert table, allowing you to personalise however you want.

The dessert tables contain elaborately designed cookies, not just the cake. These cookies are often the smaller versions of the cake. They can be individually wrapped, so guests will love to take them home after the party.

Birthday party dessert table.



Cake pops are, of course, not new. They have been around and used for as long as you may have remembered. But these confections do not go out of style and have become trendier than ever. Cake pops express the party theme at hand. For example, if you have a safari-themed party, you can have cake pops that show the colours of zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, and other animals.

Cake pops are not just for kids. Pastel pops are quite popular amongst adults. You can pick a colour scheme that matches the décor of the party. You can also have them in pretty shapes, such as hearts or even ice cream.

a variety of photo booth props


You do not have to go to the mall to use a photo booth. You can have it in your house or wherever the event may be. Adept Photo Booths will deliver the photo booth right to your doorstep, complete with the accessories or add-ons you want for an improved picture-taking experience.

The great thing about photo booths today is that they have evolved so significantly. Yes, you can still get the classic design, but there are so many options to choose from, such as:

  • Mirror Booths that let you check your whole outfit and then take a picture while seeing how it would look like
  • GIF Booths that can take a series of photographs and merge them all for a hilariously fun animation
  • Green Screen Photo Booths that give a visual effect as the background – just like the Hollywood green screen
  • 360 Photo Booths which can capture a video from every angle
  • Mosaic Photo Booths that collect all the masterpieces in the event, combining them to create a mosaic

You can ask the attendees to dress up for the party, which will undoubtedly make the photos more special. Princesses, princes, fairies, and cartoon characters are just some popular costumes that kids and kids at heart love to don.

A great benefit of photo booths that many people seem to overlook is that it helps break barriers in socialising. Some find it difficult to strike a conversation with individuals they barely know. But photo booths can bridge the gap. You can be friends with your friend’s friend. It encourages people to get to know one another, which is achieved while having fun taking photos with other people.

Finally, having a photo booth at the event lets you keep precious memories. Of course, you can whip out a digital camera or your smartphone to take pictures anytime, but photo booths are better. They are not only ice breakers, but they are also customisable. You can have still photos, videos, and GIFs.

birthday party photo booth.



Pictures are essential at any event, especially birthdays. Everyone is looking to have that Instagram-worthy shot. Photo props and backdrops are now massive party trends. They turn a simple background into a more interesting one.

Curated photo spots are not just for weddings, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings. You can have them for a birthday party, as well. And there are endless options, including the actual theme of the party. For example, the Green Screen Photo Booth can include the theme or colours of the party, the name of the person celebrating the birthday, or a cartoon character. It can be anything. Here are some ideas that you can work with:

  • Bubbles in the background
  • Vintage, retro, royalty, and other classic backdrops
  • Gaming theme
  • Hollywood actress/actor or glamour theme
  • TV series or movie characters

Open-air photo booths are also an excellent way to showcase the event location. Perhaps you have designed a banner or wall decorations. You can have them as the background for the pictures. Photo booths are traditionally enclosed, but they can also be open, which is another great reason to love them.



Guest books, memory books, and magnetic images are just some of the smart ways to keep memorable photos. Instead of just getting pictures that you can print out, you can ask guests to write messages dedicated to the birthday girl/boy. Magnets are also a huge hit, mainly because they double as a fun way to relive the event and décor. Plus, they are super cool!

Birthday parties are celebrated with important people. Make the event memorable for everyone with the birthday party trends above, which are adaptable to any celebration or occasion.