It’s almost Christmastime. While many people are buying gifts and preparing for their family get-togethers, there’s one thing that you don’t want to leave out: office Christmas parties! And you know that photos will be a massive part of this event (as with any other celebration). Even though we are in a digital age and everyone uses their phone to snap pictures, nothing can beat having a photo booth. From entertainment to the quality of photos, photo booths are the key to a fun and engaging work Christmas party.

Are you thinking about hiring a photo booth? Here are four reasons why you should pick up the phone and contact us to hire a photo booth for your upcoming holiday event:


It’s a Great Source of Entertainment

Let’s face it. Not everyone likes to go out and party. Often, work parties are formal, which can cause boredom in some people. Here is one thing that will surely break the ice: hire a photo booth. Office parties will no longer mean that colleagues and workmates have to get through yet another day with each other. Place the photo booth in the corner or even in the centre of the room. It will bring lots of joy and undoubtedly unlimited fun to entertain everyone all night long.


You Can Use a Photo Booth as a Marketing Tool

We all know that advertising can be a considerable expense. But what if we tell you that you don’t need to spend a dollar to market your business? Add the name of your company or your logo in each photo, and voila! It’s instant advertisement when employees share the pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


Return the Favour to Your Hardworking Staff

Your employees have worked hard all year. Christmas is a wonderful time for them to de-stress and take a much-needed break from work. Everyone can let their hair down and have some fun. You can even surprise them with a photo booth, presenting it to them as a last-minute surprise. Or, you can have a themed costume party and give those with unique ideas a reward plus some great photos.


You Have Loads of Props and Backdrops to Choose From

You can fashion a photo booth backdrop out of anything. That’s the beauty of it! But thinking of a theme and prepping the whole venue can be demanding and time-consuming. You can leave it to us to make things easier for you.

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What Christmas Party Props Do We Offer?

Here at Adept, we have festive props on offer, including Christmas digital-themed props. You can have fun playing and posing with your group as you wait for the camera to flash. No matter what your theme is, we can match the props for you. Give us a call and tell us more about your party details.

Our Christmas themed backdrops include #elfie animated GIFs and beach Santa sets. It will indeed be an immersive experience for everyone, whether the party is exclusively for your staff or you’re inviting clients and colleagues, as well. We assure you that it will not be difficult to have the attendees participating, whether they want to put on a Santa hat, a reindeer’s nose or antlers, or extra lights around them.

We’re keeping it casual but still classy this year. What are you waiting for? Hire your photo booth today!

There are multiple booth options available.

Christmas immediately makes us think of snow. A winter wonderland is a classic way to represent this festivity. And the great news is that you do not need to have your party outdoors. We have a Snow Globe GIF for your booth. It’s our all-digital photo booth, which takes several photos super quick. Then, the equipment will automatically stitch them together so that you will get a silly yet hilarious animation.

Here is another option: our 360 Photo Booth, which is designed to take photos as it spins 360 degrees around the individual or group. The result is an incredibly unique spinning image. Have you ever imagined being photographed like a celebrity? This is your chance. All sides will be captured by the rotating arm that holds the camera as it effortlessly clicks to take the images. Once again, these pictures can be shared on all social media platforms, which is exciting.

Our photo booths are perfect for corporate events, such as office Christmas parties. Whether you have an individual or several people, our 360 Photo Booth is a versatile addition to the celebration.

Photos are and will always be a part of all events. We want our images to memorialise the special celebration on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holiday parties. Hiring a photo booth guarantees that you will have quality pictures that you can keep to remember the occasion. They are customisable to fit your office Christmas party theme.