If 2021 taught us anything regarding fashion trends, it is to express individuality. After a year on pause, there has never been more focus on personal style, which relates to brides. If you’ve set a date for your wedding next year, you may want to know what 2022 has in store for your upcoming nuptials. In this blog, we’re giving you the wedding trends predicted to be the hottest styles in 2022.



Predictions point to 2022 weddings keeping it simple. That means inviting hundreds of people for the celebration is no longer in. Instead, micro weddings are preferred. Dubbed the “minimonies,” smaller, intimate weddings are the trend, despite the imminent easing up on restrictions.

Along with minimalist weddings, it’s also expected to see smaller things, particularly dining tables. We’ll also notice the difference in how seating will be arranged. For example, we used to see six or more people who did not even know one another sitting together at one dining table. In 2022, this will not be the case. Rather, pod tables and asymmetrical seating will take their place.

wedding guests throwing confetti



We all know that colours are a way to express ourselves – and 2022 is the time to be bold and adventurous when it comes to colour choices. Colourful suits, such as burgundy, forest green, and other dark jewel tones, are the hot items. If the wedding is in the summer, ivory and pastel blue suits are in.

Meanwhile, ballet-inspired wedding gowns are sure to steal the show. Trendy wedding gowns will be in shades of blush with grosgrain ribbons. And let us not forget a frothy tulle to complete the look. It’s not a new style, but there has been a recent influx of ballet designs, including tutu skirts and even necklines similar to a leotard.

That’s not all. Bows and ribbons, as well as sheer materials and a pink palette, can make the wedding look dreamy but refined.

For those who do not want a tutu-esque gown, colour and prints are deemed to be in next year. This trend is for brides who want to truly stand out. Blush was once the go-to hue, but that’s not the way anymore. In its place are dove, lavender, sky blue and pistachio in cooler shades. The soft tones give off a more feminine vibe, but you get to take on a unique colour for an epic walk on the aisle.

Don’t forget about the bouquet. In 2022, a small bouquet complements a bride’s beautiful gown, making it the star of the whole ensemble.

bride squad



If there was anything that we all had to do during the pandemic, it was to stick to staying at home with our gadgets. For guests who cannot make it due to flying restrictions, there is a solution – an unexpectedly trendy one. Live streaming your special event to your friends and loved ones is only appropriate. Before COVID hit, guests had to simply accept or reject the invitation. Now, it’s about taking part in a live-streaming event to witness the union. How cool is that?

Online RSVPs are becoming the norm. That way, guests can state whether they will attend or not by going to a website. Some invitations also come with QR codes, which the guests scan to automatically go to the couple’s wedding website.



Whilst tech will invade several aspects of 2022 weddings, photo booths are sure to keep it all balanced. They have been around for ages, but they sure have improved. It’s like a marriage of the past and the present technologies.

As you obsess on every single detail of your wedding, from the décor to favours to colours and venue, don’t forget about documenting this momentous day. It should be at the top of your list. Sure, you can hire a photographer, but 2022 is about self-expression. There’s no better way to achieve that than to provide a fun way for the couple and, of course, the guests to express themselves through photos.

Hiring a photo booth for a wedding has numerous benefits, including:

  • Allowing the guests to display their personality and creativity
  • Providing entertainment for everyone, young and old
  • Giving you the ultimate way to remember your big day
  • Permitting everyone to create informal snapshots with laughter and props

It’s a lot of fun when you have a photo booth in your wedding venue. It offers pure entertainment and even encourages everyone to socialise. It’s a wonderful ice breaker for shy individuals, which then allows them to build up the confidence to ask someone to the dance floor.

Another good reason wedding photo booths are in is the range of choices available. We recommend the 360 photo booth, which is the best option for celebrations like weddings. This photo booth gives guests and the couple a chance to showcase their outfits from all angles. A mirror photo booth is also popular for weddings, letting people check their looks before the click.

Finally, photo booths are customisable. If you’re very particular with your motif, no problem! You can pick the background, colours, and props that suit your wedding style. At Adept Photo Booths, we’ve got your back when it comes to the theme and entertainment of this special celebration.




Shared food is out, so avoid grazing tables and similar food stations, so you do not scare some guests away. Your food choices have a lot to do with the wedding venue. First, let’s talk about a classic wedding, such as those held at churches or chapels, with the bride wearing a classically beautiful white gown. In this type of wedding, it’s suggested to stick to the basics where delicious food is served by a professional waitstaff. Guests do not have to stand up and get food and drink.

Vineyard weddings are typically held in urban wineries, countryside farm stays, cellar doors, and similar places. Brides and grooms who share the love for wines agree that there is no better spot to celebrate their union but in an area that meets the wedding theme. The food and wine experience will surely be impeccable in this kind of wedding with a significant focus on seasonal foods. Wines made on site are prioritised, particularly in building the food menu.

For a waterfront wedding, such as on a jetty or near a lake, the food should reflect the place. That means it will be filled with seafood dishes and some bubbly or light white wines.

The food ideas above are all optional, of course. But unique ways of serving food are the way to go. A trendy 2022 wedding in Australia will have self-contained hors d’oeuvres or appetisers and some pre-bottled cocktails.

You probably remember how mashed potato bars and carving stations dominated the late 2010s. If you liked them, they are out, unfortunately. Plated menus with their wine pairings are what’s in. Meanwhile, if you love food trucks, they are coming back in style. Expect them to be all the rage next year and perhaps 2023, as well, due to their ability to give portions to attendees with a side of social distancing. If you’re looking for furniture for hire that can fit your venue, check out M Event Hire.

Vineyard wedding

Are you ready to start planning for your wedding day? Don’t forget to rent a photo booth for your venue. Give Adept Photo Booths a call for a creative way to memorialise this very special day.