Dunsborough Photo Booth Hire

Adept Photo Booths are excited to announce that we have local staff and photo booths in Dunsborough permanently. What does this mean for the region? It means that the South West now has access to Perth’s leading Photo Booth company throughout the region and Perth Metro prices.

At Adept Photo Booths we cater for all occasions in the South West from corporate events, functions and festivals through to weddings, parties, schools and community events.

What Dunsborough Photo Booth Hire is available for the South West?

Boasting Perth’s Leading range of premium photo booth options, we are pleased to offer all of our Photo Booth options throughout the South West. This gives you access to our 360 Photo Booth, Vintage Photo Booths, Open Photo Booths, Video Booth, Gif Booths and of course our most popular offering of 2019, the Roaming Photo Booth.

We have a Roaming Photo Booth, GIF Booth and stylish Ring Light Photo Booth with prints currently based in the South West. With experienced staff and equipment in the South West, this means that you can get the latest in photo booth technology at city prices to maximise your photo experience whilst minimising the expense.

All of our South West Photo Booth options include the latest in Photo Booth technology including the following features:

  • Stylish Ring Light Photo Booth

Our Dunsborough Photo Booths are jet black with a stylish ring light suitable for any occasion. A dark wooden tripod provides a touch of vintage to the design, with black fixtures to tie the booth into the modern look of the right. This mix of modern and natural wood style makes it the perfect addition to any wedding, birthday or function in the South West.

  • Custom artwork for your GIF Overlays and Print Strips

The artwork that you have on your photo strips and GIF Overlays is only limited by your imagination. We have an in-house Graphic Designer that is ready to match your artwork to your wedding invitation of event style perfectly. If you have your own design in mind, we can also provide the templates to allow you to provide this yourself.

  • Personalised Microsite

If it isn’t on Social Media, did it even happen? Never be in doubt again with a personalised microsite that allows all photos and GIF’s to be available instantly on your events very own online photo gallery. Guests can send themselves the link to their photos via email or SMS to post, tag and share away on their chosen social media platforms.

  • Branded and animated attract screen

Want to add some personality to the look of your photo booth? We can also come up with an image or animation to add to the front of your booth to match your wedding, school or corporate theme.

  • Print Options Available 

Printing is now available to be added to all Dunsborough GIF Booth and Roaming Photo Booths packages. Let us know when you enquire if you would like to add prints to your packages and we can detail the options in your quote.

  • Battery Powered Options available

Getting married in a rural area or want the photo booth positioned in a corner of the room that doesn’t have access to power? No problem! We can provide battery packs to power all digital photo booth options, so electricity no longer dictated where your Dunsborough photo booth can be placed.

GIF Booth with green foliage background

Our GIF Booths provide digital images and Boomerang GIF’s via SMS and email whilst also offering prints.

Where you might have seen one of our Photo Booths in Dunsborough

Our Roaming Photo Booths in Dunsborough have been extremely well received at both the annual Leavers end of year celebration and year 6 graduation at Our Lady Of The Cape Primary School. Both High School Leavers and the Year 6 students loved the Boomerang option including the opportunity to send the photos and GIF’s right to their phones via SMS or email right from the Roaming Photo Booth.

If you are after prints to complement you digital photo booth experience, check out the gallery from the Davidson Wedding where they added prints to our stylish ring light GIF Booth at their Eagle Bay Brewing Co wedding. the venue has a great polished wall that we used as the backdrop for the GIF Booth and the guests had a great time with the Digital props and boomerang GIF’s as well as prints to take away with them from the wedding. Check out the wedding packages at Eagle Bay Brewing Co at their Wedding and Events page.

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How do I enquire about Dunsborough photo booth hire?

If you are looking for a photo booth in Dunsborough, or anywhere in the South West for that matter, drop us a line by clicking here for an obligation free quote for your event.