Guest Blog by Callum Smith – Csmith Photography

Callum Smith is a Perth Photographer that plies his trade in the Northern Suburbs and across Western Australia. A keen student of all things image based, Callum shares his perspective with us on the importance of light in photography and its relevance to the Perth photo booth hire industry.

Photography, Photograph and photographer. These three words have three very different meanings, firstly Photograph is simply a moment anyone can catch on any device at any quality. Photography is the term used for taking photographs, finally photographer. This work is important as this means someone who will not let you walk away with anything but the best of quality in an image/images.

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Adept Photo Booth Perth use DSLR cameras in their Photobooth, which means that they take the best quality image as possible. Often photo booths Perth use a webcam image with has a limit to levels of lighting, clarity, contrast and more.

Using a DSLR camera enables three important factors to be manually adjust which are the three most important settings in my opinion.


  1. Exposure/ISO

Exposure, or International Standard Organisation (ISO)simply means the adjustment and level of light in the image.The ISO is the setting used to let light into the sensor creating a darker or lighter image for whatever needs one may need.There are advantages to darkened photos and lightened photos, the light will reflect upon the environment you are in such as lighter photos will look happier and more vibrant where darkened photos mayfeature  a darkened environment and suit Halloween parties for example to be more ‘spooky’.

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  1. Shutter Speed/Aperture

The Shutter speed or aperture is something that uniquely only DSLR cameras can be custom to, webcam will automatically adjust and if the webcam need to let more light into the lens, this usually results in a dramatic decrease in image quality. The lower the aperture, the higher quality and depth of field there is.Depth of field is essentially the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects giving a focused image.


  1. Focal Points

The focal points of a photographare quite self-explanatory as it simply means you select and custom choose a focus point upon the object you are taking a photograph of, in this case it would be a photobooth. Personally, when shooting any form of portraiture I tend to focus on the persons eyes as that it where the most emotion and interaction in an image is held.

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All in all the above point are very important to take into consideration when thinking about photography due to the importance of Lighting, Aperture and focal points.

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