Most of us are familiar with the green screen background. Its omnipresence in movies and TV series can make scenes more captivating – even though they were simply filmed in a studio or warehouse. But did you know you can do the same without spending a lot of money? We’re talking about green screen photo booths. If you’re interested in this interactive technology, this post is for you.



The green screen technology may appear simple, but it does pack a big punch. It’s a visual effects technique, layering two sets of images or video streams together. With this technology used in a photo booth, you can drop whatever image you want behind the subject, such as a model or any person in the foreground.

Green screens are insanely popular in film productions and news. So, when the background is fictional, such as an alien, an object from the past or even the future, or just a difficult location to access, you can count on green screens to make your photos more interesting and unique.

green screen photo booth


To understand what a green screen photo booth is, we first have to know about green screen technology. A green screen is exactly what the name implies – a (neon) green screen placed in the background that allows digital effects to be added in post-production.

Special effects can be edited in the green background, a process known as compositing or chroma keying, where two images are layered together:

  1. The person or any subject in front of the green screen background
  2. The CGI or special effects put on top of the green screen

Green screens are standard in superhero or sci-fi films, newsrooms, and weather reports, but they can also be used anywhere. We see them with vloggers and influencers, the video game industry, Zoom calls, and of course, photo booths. Green screen technology indeed has come a long way.


A simple green-screen effect without using an actual green screen is to use an AI background removal service. Photo booths can be equipped with software that can instantly remove the background of a photo or video without complicated steps. With this facility, you can be anywhere in the world, add some GIFs or just a simple backdrop.


Did you know that green screens weren’t always green? At first, they were black before turning blue, then yellow. Today, they are still around, but most productions utilise green because of some technical advantages:

  • Easier for digital cameras
  • No heavy lighting requirements
  • Outstanding performance even during daytime

Apart from the listed benefits above, the green screen for photo booths makes the following more seamless than ever:

  • Printing
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Analytics
  • Gallery Access
  • Unlimited Background Choices and Themes
  • 3D options
  • Full Customisation

Green screens are easy to use, but they are even more user-friendly with photo booths. Say goodbye to actual green screens that you have to set up for hours. With Adept Photo Booths Green Screen, you have your green screen in your event. Produce high-quality photos without cumbersome backdrop and lighting prerequisites.

green screen photo booth - sound on 2019


You do not need to produce a Hollywood blockbuster to create your green screen fun. All you have to do is hire a photo booth from Adept Photo Booths. You have the choice to either use your green screen backdrop or our green screen kit. Please note that you need an excellent, wrinkle-resistant green screen background that can fit at least three people for it to work correctly.

The next step is for you to add some digital backgrounds. Many free images are available online, which you can download without any issues. You can also purchase images or upload your own. After all that, these images will be superimposed behind you and the event’s guests in every photo you take. Don’t worry; you can see the preview of your pictures in real-time, allowing you to get even more creative if you wish.

Are you ready for some green screen fun? Here are our top green screen background ideas that you may want to try out:


1. Exotic Islands or Holiday Destinations

Head to the tropics, climb the Eiffel Tower, or experience Vegas – at least in pictures. That’s the magic of the green screen. Channel your fantasy holiday destination by choosing the matching photo backdrop for your party theme. And while you’re at it, why not get more creative with a combination of props? Trust that the results will be memorable!


2. Different Eras (the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.)

You don’t need a time machine to go back in time with a retro-themed party. A green screen photo booth will hit the rewind for you, so you and your guests will get that throwback feel. Strike a pose with your friends with photos that look like you are in an episode of Stranger Things. Don’t forget to wear vintage clothing to make the atmosphere even more authentic.

Angela and Sharon 55th Birthday GIF Booths - Adept Photo Booths

3. Sports Games or Sporting Heroes

Are you a big fan of football? How about basketball? Take new photos with a unique background showing an NBA game or a Footy match. Make it more realistic with some props and costumes like your favourite AFL or NRL team’s jersey and sports balls.

Rockingham Flames - Green Screen Photo Booth Image 1


4. Custom or Branded Backdrops

Have a tradeshow or conference? Make your event stand out and be remembered with a customised backdrop. Get your brand on every photo taken during the gathering. Your brand will be front and centre every time the images are shared. It’s a cost-effective marketing tool that helps you improve your reach without much effort.


5. Hollywood, Movie Stars, or a Red Carpet Moment

A celebrity-inspired theme is quite popular these days. You can create custom magazine covers with your guests posing as Hollywood movie stars or rock band members. You can even hang out with your favourite celebrities – at least in photos. Get the red carpet treatment with a green screen photo booth.


6. Artistic Theme with Paintings and Patterns

Unleash your artistic side by choosing beautiful paintings or patterns that complement your event. You can select any image you want as your background, whether it’s a masterpiece of your favourite artist or even a personalised graffiti you created.

Green Screen Photo Booths Curtin University - Adept Photo Booths
Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, you name it, a green screen photo booth is perfect for it. Hire with us by contacting Adept Photo Booths or send your enquiries for more information.