You have a big event coming up, which means numerous memories will be captured. That’s a great challenge, but we’ve got the solution for you. The Mosaic Photo Wall gives you a customised mosaic grid of any size and overall image where your event photos are placed.

You can upload or print photos fetched from different social media platforms via a hashtag of your choice. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle where every image is brought together, so you get a bigger picture – literally. It’s easy to drive home the message you wish to deliver; best of all, it’s fun!

But why does your next event need a Mosaic Photo Wall? Here are our top five reasons:


1. It’s Interactive

Today’s business world is not only competitive but crowded, as well. It’s challenging to attract attention because you’re probably competing with at least ten other firms with the same products or services as you. Standing out is a fine art, so you have to be more mindful of what you put out there today than ever. Interactive events and offerings are what’s in, and anything passive is out. That’s why Mosaic Photo Walls are trendy.

Guests get involved, learn, and explore collaborative activities while creating memories. And if that’s not enough, these photo walls are easy to operate and won’t break the bank.


2. Increase Customer Engagement

Because of the interactive mosaic photo wall, you get to engage and convert customers with less effort than other marketing tactics. It’s a group effort where everyone in your event can participate, particularly if they want to see themselves in the mosaic wall. They can place their photos on the grid, which may give them a sense of pride once they see the beautiful result. Meanwhile, if you opt for a digital mosaic, guests will have their pictures on the big screen.

Remember that business is about fostering relationships, which thrive on give and take. By focusing on customer engagement, you improve the overall customer experience and even increase the likelihood of referrals.


3. Social Reach with a Mosaic Wall

Create media buzz without shelling out a lot of money. All you need is a photo booth to gather the event photos. Make sure you ask the guests to add a specific hashtag when they upload their pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

And suppose you only plan to collect photos using the photo booth. In that case, you have many ways to make the content captivating so guests will want to share the images on their social media. For example, you can have your brand, logo, or customised message in every photo. When guests post their pictures online, they not only remember your brand, but their friends also see it. That’s how you create an experience that can help you build your customer base and increase your social media presence.

Mosaic Logo 2


4. Positive Brand Awareness During Marketing Activations and Launches

Brand activations allow you to directly interact with your intended audience to create a long-term relationship. At the same time, it lets you build your brand’s reputation. Various methods of activation campaigns and product launches have been introduced through the years. Still, many of them are not that effective and extremely expensive. Enter photo booths, including the mosaic photo wall, which have become an excellent way to show your business’ identity and personality.

A mosaic photo wall will work well with other brand activation campaigns you may have in place. If you’re still relying on traditional means, such as billboards and digital marketing strategies, it’s time to turn to techniques that encourage real-time interactions with customers. This is an avenue where a mosaic photo wall thrives, from increasing brand awareness to driving client loyalty and boosting sales.


5. Instant Photo Prints

Get beautiful, vibrant photos in just a few seconds with a mosaic photo wall. Generate instant prints with a clear protective coating. They are in sticker form, letting you or the guests stick them to the designated spaces on the mosaic wall.

You receive the images captured via a photo booth, and they are all in instant print formats. That means you can choose to print them during the event, all in high resolution. You also have the option to add your logo, so it works like a marketing tool when printed.

Step back and enjoy the collective masterpiece of printed photos. Alternatively, you can gather the pictures and add them to the digital mosaic wall. Both selections are equally spectacular when viewed individually and a seamless blend as a whole.



Do you have an upcoming event where your goals are to strengthen brand awareness, convert more customers, and increase social media reach? Hire a mosaic photo wall with Adept Photo Booths.
Redesigned for the new generation, our photo booths let you take branded photos crafted for social sharing and for developing long-term customer relationships through effective data collection. And, of course, our photo booths will delight your customers by giving them fun memories of participating in your event.