By definition, glam, from the word “glamourous,” is being excitingly attractive and interesting. Who doesn’t want that? Now, you can have that with a GLAM Booth. This photo booth has taken Australia by storm. It’s a welcome addition to weddings, parties, and corporate events.



You’ve no doubt seen photos of celebrities who have undergone glam shoots. These photos typically depict celebrities with flawless, glowing skin, an ultra-white smile and a stunning look. Now you can achieve the same results!

GLAM photo booths are designed with skin-smoothing filters that work much better than Instagram, Snapchat, or other apps, an innovative trend in the photo industry. They add Hollywood magic to special events, especially weddings, birthday parties and galas. The black-and-white images they produce are flattering, timeless and provide classic appeal to every photo.

GLAM Booth Hire with Classic Black and White Photos - Courtney and Chris Wedding Photo Booth



You probably have a few options for your upcoming event’s photos, such as Mirror Booths or the ever-so-popular 360 Booths. But if you want something guaranteed to never to go out style, you should certainly pick the GLAM Booth. Here’s why:

The Kardashians Invented Them (Sort Of)

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians always bring something new to the table. This time, it’s the GLAM booth that infiltrated the world of photography – in a good way. We have all seen how the Kardashians, particularly Kim, showed off their signature poses in these booths. You can, too.

Even better, you do not have to break the bank just to get that signature Kardashian flawless look. Invite your friends, family, or colleagues to a one-of-kind photoshoot experience with great lighting and a reflective backdrop. A high-quality DSLR camera is included in the package so that you get immaculate-looking images. It’s the ultimate Kim K magic that you can afford.


Get Flawless Photos

Who does not want to look great in their photos? Many people avoid taking pictures because they do not wish to appear ill-prepared. Perhaps the event takes place at a time when their skin is not cooperating. No matter what, we want to have clear, smooth skin in every photo. After all, these photos are there to stay.

Our GLAM Booth comes with a custom skin-smoothing filter without being excessive. That’s the celebrity secret that they do not want to spill. You’ve seen it on the Kardashians, Biebers, and more. The result is a stunning yet realistic photo you will love sharing on your social media.


Less is More

Glamorous does not have to mean extreme. You want to look good without unnecessary gimmicks and tacky props for comical results, just ask any professional photographer. Many of them will choose minimalism over maximalism. That’s achievable with black and white photography through this booth where photos become a form of art. Irresistibly gorgeous, they capture the essence of the minimalist trend where people get to express their personality without hiding behind props. GLAM photo booths focus on delivering high-quality images.

GLAM Booth Hire with Classic Black and White Photos - The Monaco's Wedding Photo Booth



GLAM booths are not that complicated, even though the photos may look like they come from a high-tech machine. The process is simple. You only have to hire a GLAM Booth, which is a package that includes studio portrait lighting and a camera with a custom beauty filter. It is ready for set up and may come with a template or logo and a solid backdrop.

Once you or your guests get inside the photo booth area, you can start the photo session. The fun begins, but here’s what’s different. Each captured photo is processed instantly using the skin smoothing filter. The images are automatically uploaded to a post-production editing team to ensure you get a result that looks incredibly flawless! You can then decide whether you will get a digital copy or a printed version. Either way, you get a classy keepsake that will have everyone intrigued.



Are you sold on having a glam photo booth at your next event? At Adept Photo Booths, we have the best GLAM Booth to make your event, upcoming gala, wedding, or birthday ultra-fun and, of course, glamorous! It will surely be a hit, especially when the photos are out, whether printed or uploaded on social media.

There’s no need to hire a professional editor. Our GLAM Booth will edit your pictures on the spot using the built-in smoothing filter. It’s subtle yet so effective in giving you and your guests that glowing, celebrity look. For more information, head to our GLAM Booth page or enquire directly to get a free quote.