A school ball is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And for year 11 and year 12 students, it’s almost a rite of passage into adulthood. For the past several weeks, there were lots of chatter about dresses, shoes, suits, hair, makeup, and getting to the venue in style. Now the exciting event is about to begin.

Keeping all the students and guests entertained is not an easy feat for the school staff. Food and music can only do so much. Young adults do not like awkward silences. We have a cool idea that breaks the ice: hire photobooths! That’s right. A photo booth has become a guaranteed way to enhance the experience while ensuring you can save the memories, not just in your head but in high-quality photos.

A school ball is an event that will not happen again. It’s only right that you trust it to the pros. We’re glad you found Adept Photo Booths, the number one choice for capturing all the fun and excitement of this special occasion. We’re here to provide reliable and professional service to school balls in Perth, Melbourne, and regional Western Australia.

Are you ready for an electrifying event with entertainment that lets you create lasting memories? Here are our top 5 school ball photo experiences to make sure you have a night to remember:



Nothing is classier than a photo booth that represents the retro style. As photography enthusiasts, we are committed to ensuring classic photo booths survive. That’s why we have handcrafted Vintage Photo Booths that are perfect for formal events like a school ball.

In the age of Instagram and smart devices, we know people still see something special about authentic printed strips. They are an excellent way to look back at the memories created during the enjoyable school event. You can hang the prints on your fridge or stick them in an album. Adept Photo Booths can easily customise these strips to make them even more distinct.

Our Vintage Photo Booths come alive with different wood grains that showcase their personalities. Despite being vintage, we assure you that you will get high-quality photos with every capture. Students can receive the pictures via email. You will receive a link from us that lets you access the online gallery, which will be immediately available after the event. It’s a great way to save memories digitally (secured by a password for your privacy) or physically through instant print-outs.



Wedding Photo Booth

One big hit that has swept the nation is the modern Mirror Booth. It features a full-length mirror that’s perfect for any event, including a school ball. Our Mirror Booth appears precisely like a regular mirror. It offers high transparency that lets you see the display through the glass as clear as day! View your dashing suit or glamorous gown with a complete view of your reflection. Strike a pose, capture, and print your pictures – it’s effortless, all thanks to the user-friendly interface.

There’s no dull moment with the Mirror Booth. It’s an exceptional offering through the latest photo-generating technology. Plus, it fits all ballroom sizes and has a sleek design. Our Mirror Booth is indeed a new-age classic, bringing together friends and schoolmates for a magical and interactive photo experience. It’s a true crowd-pleaser, ramping up the entertainment for the school ball event.




Here at Adept, we’re not just about photo booths. We also offer a full range of photography services. Roaming Photography and Studio Portrait Shots are among the most in-demand school ball photo experiences in Perth.

Our wealth of experience allows us to work in different scenarios, whether it is in a themed ballroom area or you look forward to outdoor shots. Professional photography services can include venue set-ups, portrait shots upon arrival of the students, and solo or group Hollywood glamour photo sessions. Of course, we can’t forget about action images on the dancefloor where the fun is mostly at. And because a professional photographer will capture all these moments, you know that the photos will turn out to be brilliant.

Students can view all photos, which will be ready for download after the event. Alternatively, we can grant quicker access to large prints arranged and made available during the school ball itself.



Green Screen Photo Booth

School ball themes make the event more distinct. We can work on any motif you may have – from logos to photos and backdrops. We’ll bring your theme to life with the Green Screen Photo Booth. What is it, you might ask? Simply put, a green screen is magic! It’s mostly associated with Hollywood films. But you don’t need to be a part of a blockbuster movie to experience how fun it is.

Behind you, the physical background is green and will remain green. But when it’s time to take photos, the scene becomes anything you want it to be. Provide us with the image that you wish to use or select different overlays and backgrounds. Leave the rest of the job to us. Our Green Screen Photo Booth creates an impressive visual effect, including Boomerangs and GIFs! You can see the output in printed photos or digitally, where access can be granted via SMS and email.



Portable, fun, and convenient, the Roaming Photo Booth is truly one of a kind. Like all Adept Photo Booth products, we want to make it all easy for your event and guests with the RPB. It’s our way of bringing the photos right where you need them!

A photo booth is a great addition to a school ball. But isn’t it better if it’s a mobile booth? Our Roaming Photo Booth is guaranteed to make a lasting impression, no matter what type of event you’re hosting. It also adds a unique touch. Think about it: how often do you see a photo booth that lets you strike a pose right where you are?

There’s no need to leave the dance floor. You don’t have to stand in line, waiting for your turn at the booth. You also do not go wasting your time looking for a photographer to get your pictures taken. With our Roaming Photo Booth, the photo experience at the school ball will never be something you have to worry about. We will take care of the photos, students, and the fun.

Even better, we will provide you with a microsite, complete with your branding. It’s where you and the students can view and download photos and Boomerangs to your heart’s content. We also provide smart AI background removal, allowing you to customise the images.

And there you have it – our top 5 school ball photo experiences. Our photo booths and professional photography services are always a sure hit in school balls and even other events, such as graduation, weddings, and birthdays. Creating memories is more fun when you can relive them again through digital photos and print-outs.

Apart from these five popular items, we suggest you check out our Mosaic Photo Wall, which is a fantastic way to use the theme you want, such as unity and coming together. The idea is to bring a large number of photos, creating one beautiful image. One more option is the 360 Photo Booth. What’s more exciting than capturing 360 degrees of the event, giving the students content they will never forget.

Let Adept Photo Booths help you capture, deliver, and save captivating school ball photos. Contact us, and we’ll make sure you will have an engaging and entertaining event.